Is this the Galaxy S III? Probably not

I think we’re all a little to excited for the announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S III to the point that any decent-looking Samsung phone we haven’t seen before could be the highly anticipated handset. Well, we have one more for you guys today and all we can say is that we certainly hope this isn’t the real deal, as it looks to have a little less pizzazz than we’re hoping for.

The anticipation of a handset like the Galaxy S III can ultimately lead to disappointment when said device actually appears before our eyes. We’ve seen a couple of renders that are likely fakes but some bring interesting design elements to the table that we only wish we could see in the final product. It’s almost like waiting for a newly designed iPhone and getting the iPhone 4S instead. While we’re pretty positive there aren’t too many complaints about the 4S, the anticipation and build up usually leaves some people wanting more than they got, as great of a phone as it may be.

The picture you see isn’t anything special in any way, as we really don’t get to see much of it but the face, which is completely blurred. What we have here is a Samsung smartphone with a large screen and it’s hard to get excited over what looks to be some Photoshop fakery. Nonetheless, without a clearer view and some profile shots of the device, we can’t really say either way until the Galaxy S III is officially announced, which could be very soon.

Back to the anticipation. So far, the most interesting design we’ve seen so far is from the “leaked” invite of the Galaxy S III. What looks like a stunning device carved out of a single piece of metal already gives me high hopes for Samsung’s next flagship phone and anything less than something that unique will feel like a let down. ( And really, any Samsung Android phone not made of plastic is something to get excited for) Because of this, we suggest that you don’t believe anything you see until Sammy takes the stage and unveil the phone itself.

So what do you think we have here? An unannounced Samsung smartphone that may or may not be the Galaxy S III or some Photoshop job that plastered a screen on top of something like the Galaxy Note?

[Via: Pocket-Lint]


  • Hammams

    Sometimes I really wonder if anyone at intomobile has ever owned a galaxy s device. I always see them complain about the plastic on the device and how they are afraid of it breaking. That is far from the truth. I own an S1 device and I drop it hard on the floor at least once a week. The only damage I have ever had was a nearly invisible dent after having the phone fly from my hands while waving and dropping on concrete. Galaxy s2 has proven to be even better, destroying even the Motorola razr in drop tests. There is no point in having an indestructible casing when the screen shatters easily.

  • Snake Plissken

    If it’s probably not then why report yet another fake?

  • when S3 is coming ?? dude 

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