EA Battlelog keeps you connected to Battlefield 3 on your iPhone

Are you a hardcore FPS gamer who has been enjoying the Call of Duty Elite app, but wish there was something on the market for Battlefield 3? EA has answered yours and many other BF3 fans’ prayers as they’ve just released an official EA Battlelog app for the iPhone.

The Battlelog system in Battlefield 3 has kept players connected with their friends’progress through the game, but up until now was only accessible through an in-game stream as well as via a computer. Now that EA Battlelog has been released, you can stay connected with BF3’s Battlelog and keep up with your friends’ progress, comment on their posts, see which friends are playing on what server and receive updates from the game’s developers.

That’s not all as Battlelog also shows your own progress to see your performance on the battlefield, check enemy tags you’ve collected, and see what you’ll be unlocking next time you fire up Battlefield 3. The app also includes leaderboards that compares your standing among your friends as well as everyone else around the world.

If you eat, sleep, and breathe Battlefield 3, then you’re going to want to keep tabs on your experience while you’re on the go with the EA Battlelog app.

EA Battlelog (FREE)

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