T-Mobile’s Carly destined for Tron, Avril Lavigne references in new ad campaign

It looks like T-Mobile is reworking its ad campaign with Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile Girl. Gone are the magenta and white dresses and bubbly personality, as a new picture posted on Twitter shows Team Magenta’s Foulkes in a new, darker light.

T-Mobile recently sent out a tweet with the picture you see above, saying “It’s time to set the record straight… stay tuned.” Who knows what that could mean but we’re pretty sure T-Mobile will again attempt to highlight the speeds on its HSPA+ network, while all other carriers are currently or soon will be relying on faster LTE networks.

Despite the tweet just showing a picture, it’s easy to see that this will be a great departure of previous ad campaigns with the T-Mobile Girl. Whether or not the new campaign is in reference to a new handset only, like the One S, or just the new look going forward, we can’t say we’re not happy about it. T-Mobile may have the most to lose of the four major carriers but we admire its spunk.

Now, all we’re waiting for is the actual ad campaign to go live and see what Virgin Mobile does in¬†response.

[Via: Twitter]

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