Joe Danger death-defying his way to iOS & Android

If you’re a fan of side-scrolling racing games similar to Ubisoft’s Trials Revolution, which coincidentally released on XBLA today, then you might have heard of a game called Joe Danger. Joe Danger was originally released exclusively on the Playstation Network, but after a few months, found its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. Now, it looks like Joe Danger will be making another death-defying leap onto both the iOS & Android platforms.

During an interview with Gamasutra, Hello co-founder Sean Murray let the cat out of the bag as he mentioned the iOS and Android versions of Joe Danger won’t be a simple port of the original games. Instead, the game will be platform specific and will use gesture-based controls such as swiping the screen to make Joe wheelie, nudging him in the air to affect his gravity, or flicking barriers out of Joe’s way making the experience on touchscreen devices much easier to interact with.

I certainly enjoyed my time with both versions of Joe Danger as it offered a quirky story and some great visuals to an already addictive game type. Hopefully Hello will also think about allowing iOS & Android gamers to create their own tracks and sharing their creations with one another, similar to the experience the console versions of Joe Danger offered.

[Gamasutra, via Touch Arcade]

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