Splash Damage developing mobile strategy game ‘RAD Soldiers’ for iOS and beyond

If you know anything of team-based first-person shooters like Brink and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, then you’re already familiar with Splash Damage without even knowing their name. They’ve been churning out fantastic team-based experiences for as long as I can remember, and now the legendary developer is setting its sights on mobile platforms for their next game, RAD Soldiers.

RAD Soldiers has players assembling their unique squad of collectible mercenaries through London after the city has been evacuated due to mysterious McGuffin Rockets landing in various locations. Players will combat either offline AI opponents or friends through online multiplayer to gain control of the rockets, thus reaping their mysterious rewards. Your squad’s¬†customizable as you can change their weapons, outfits and abilities and as you battle, you’ll earn experience for your soldiers and squad commanders, which can be used to unlock new abilities.

The game will first be exclusive to the iOS platform when its released this June, but other mobile platforms will receive their own version of RAD Soldiers, the obvious being Android. RAD Soldiers will be completely free-to-play and will use coins to unlock new soldiers, customization options, and equipment. The game’s publisher, WarChest, promises RAD Soldiers will receive a constant stream of updates that include new maps, soldiers, weapons, and abilities. As more mobile platforms are supported, players will have the ability to take on more challengers than before as RAD Soldiers will be cross-platform compatible.

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