Tour the Samsung D’light building in Seoul [Video]

If you think some of the flagship Apple stores are impressive, then be prepared to be blown away by the Samsung D’light building in Seoul. Part flagship store, part education center, part art installation and part demo pit, this store is every gadget lover’s dream.

You have to remember, Samsung Electronics makes a lot of stuff. Along with the Galaxy lineup and tablets, it also makes computers, washing machines, televisions, cameras and more. The larger Samsung multi-conglomerate also makes everything from processors to boats to insurance – Samsung revenues account for nearly 1/5 of South Korea’s GDP. Needless to say, it has a lot to work with at a store.

Samsung told me the D’Light building was meant to showcase the experience of Samsung products. While there is a large store on the bottom level, the D’Light building is meant to allow the public to explore products, view futuristic concepts and to just have fun.

Located at the headquarters of the Samsung Electronics HQ in Seoul, the D’Light building was filled with people who wanted to play games on the televisions, test out computers or take some pictures. The first floor is mostly dedicated to consumer products. Here, you’ll find the latest Galaxy Tab, Galaxy phones, Series 9 laptops and a variety of other products. The company’s beautiful TVs are hooked up to a variety of video game systems and people crowd around them to play. You can also take your picture and have it displayed on the gigantic wall of monitors.

Samsung D'light store tour from Seoul

The second floor had some interesting educational and historical items, as well as some neat concepts and quasi-art installations. There were two large columns filled with LEDs and you could stand in between these. When you touch either one, the colors of the LEDs would change and you would also create different sounds. It’s tough to explain but it was a very cool experience.

Samsung D'light store tour from Seoul

As you would expect, everything was connected and it led to a view of what we may expect as we move toward a more connected world where all of our products can connect to each other. Check out the video below for a walkthrough and the photo gallery underneath.

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