Rumor: Microsoft to start pushing out the Windows Phone Tango software update this month

Since Windows Phone first started shipping back in Q4 2010, there have been two software updates: NoDo, which added copy and paste and CDMA support; and Mango, which added multitasking, a newer version of Internet Explorer, and a whole bunch of UI tweaks. Now there’s a third update scheduled to go out this month called Tango. Some of you may have heard that codename before when we reported on the Nokia Lumia 610. That device is special because it’s the first Windows Phone to run on lower end hardware specifications, which is a feature of Tango. Other features of Tango include the ability to handle SIM contacts, to send multiple images via MMS, and there’s likely many other small things that Microsoft will explain in further detail once they officially announce the software update. According to the Chinese website WPDang, Tango will begin rolling out this month, and by the end of June it should be running on over 90% of the Windows Phones currently on the market.

The software update we’re all waiting for however comes just a few short months after Tango. It’s called “Apollo”, but most folks know it better as Windows Phone 8. This is the version of the Windows Phone that finally adds support for all the things that today’s Android smartphons have. By that we mean 720p displays, dual core processors, and NFC. Apollo will also be a much more powerful version of Windows Phone since it’ll be based on the same kernel that’s going to power the desktop version of Windows 8. When will we know more about it? Rumors point to October.

Should you be excited about Apollo? We are, which is why we don’t recommend you buy a Windows Phone at this point in time. If you can keep your wallet shut for just six months, then your patience will be rewarded with what will ultimately be a Nokia smartphone that’ll make the Lumia 900 look like a feature phone from 2003.

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Anonymous

    Stefan,  you really do need to get off your hobby horse about not buying into the WP7 system now. You sound like a broken record.  You may buy into the wait for WP8 mantra but most users don’t give a hoot about the OS.

    Many average users will be happy if the experience is good (i.e. easy, fast and reliable) and their apps work. These facts are known now. Surely you know that waiting for the next great thing ends up being a waiting game and you never make a decision.

    There is great value and benefit to be had now rather than waiting for a yet to be confirmed release date that may stretch out or even worse come with its own bugs. Its not as if they won’t work the day WP8 is released and all the apps being written for WP8 will run on WP7.

    Most of the WP8 features are to satisfy the geeks and power number nerds
    Dual core – pah! Everyone who know WP7 says it runs buttery smooth so most users won’t see any benefit and may suffer lower battery

    Same goes for better screen resolutions – most people can’t tell unless they specifically look for it

    NFC – really ! I suppose you are one of those that believe Gartner that says NFC will replace cards and cash by 2020 – what a lot of bolony!

    I have no doubt WP8 will be good but based on the above buy something now, get the benefit and in two years time (or when you contract next expires) and WP8 it is mature buy what suits you then.

    So enough already

  • misternobg

    I have Samsung Omnia 7 with Mango, do I have to upgrade to Tango? It seems to me that, that will be downgrade not upgrade because Tango is for lower end phones.

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