Endomondo adds interval training to its iPhone app

Endomondo adds interval training to its iPhone app

Pro version of the Endomondo Sports Tracker for iPhone has been updated with interval training, allowing users to create custom workouts by defining intervals while also including an audio coach to guide them through each step.

The feature that was already available for Android users was apparently one of the most requested additions to Endomondo’s app. In that sense, we expect to see it added to other platforms, including Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

If you’re serious about using your smartphone as a training tool, you’ll love interval training. According to Endomondo co-founder Mette Lykke, it’s an “effective way to improve performance.”

Convinced? Then grab the Pro version from the link below. It costs 4 bucks, which is like nothing compared to all the benefits you can get. 😉

Endomondo Sports Tracker (FREE) [iTunes link]
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro ($3.99) [iTunes link]

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