Google Docs storage bumped up to 5GB before Google Drive launch

Google Drive has been one of the top conversations around the internet ever since we first got a glimpse of 5 GB free storage and a launch in April. Of course, at this point, such a prediction can only be classified as a rumor, because the search giant has yet to make things official. Now more signs are popping up suggesting that a Google Drive launch is imminent, as the company has started to increase the amount of free storage on its Google Docs service.

Why is this significant you ask? Well, the 1GB of free storage Google normally offers you has now mysteriously gone up to — you guessed it — 5GB today, this according to some lucky users out there. Coincidence? I think not. Problem is, the rollout appears to be staggered, so not all accounts will see the increase just yet — I’ve already checked my own Google account and found no storage increase.

That said, we don’t have a clue whether these random Google Docs memory spikes have anything to do with a potential imminent launch of Google Drive. Regardless, we all know it’s coming; we just to don’t know exactly when. Once Google delivers ‘Drive,’ its going to compete with other cloud mobile applications like SugerSync,, Dropbox, etc.

Did you notice a memory spike in your Google Docs?

[via The Verge]

  • Anonymous


    I didn’t get Google docs Charles, but I do have Gmail, and I
    filled up my 5 GB a few months ago.  I
    would be interested in free storage to add to my Gmail that is cross application
    usable.  5 GB doesn’t seem like a lot of
    storage now though compared to my old DVR that had 55 hours of HD, then I got
    the Hopper whole-home DVR with 250 hours of HD. 
    My co-worker told me today that the Hopper can be re-partitioned now to
    give 500 hours of HD storage, which blows me away.  Now I can keep my shows and movies I want to
    watch repeatedly without having to buy the DVD, like The Big Bang Theory.  Google needs to increase the free storage to
    at least 10 GB in my opinion to be more competitive with companies like Dropbox
    and SkyDrive. 

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