Windows Phone Facebook app to bring threaded messaging, location and more

Anyone who uses smartphones knows that having an ecosystem that offers the most popular mobile applications is a necessity. Well, with Windows Phone being so new, it has an uphill climb to amass the large number of apps that mega mobile operating systems like Android and iOS make available. Despite its small number of apps, the Windows Phone platform has been able to put together a decent Facebook.

Windows Phone left a note to its followers on its Facebook page which boast about a much improved 2.5 version. The Windows Phone Facebook application will soon be in the Marketplace. New features include: threaded messaging will be in including group messaging, tagging for friends and locations in posts, the ability to delete posts and comments, added active links in posts, updates to the photo comments and likes page, and the ability to “like” comments.

This is always a good thing when major applications like Facebook get a much improved update, regardless to what mobile operating system it runs on. Microsoft is trying to ramp up its development of major smartphone applications that users can’t live without, like its recent release of its official Skype 1.0 Windows Phone app. That said, Windows Phone is playing from behind — way behind — so it’ll be interesting to see the ground it can make up by the end of the year when it comes mobile applications.

[Windows Phone Facebook; via pocketnow]

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