Nokia to release the Lumia 900 in the UK on May 14th, the US is their priority though

Nokia apparently can’t make the Lumia 900 fast enough. What does that mean? We’re going to have to wait until July, when the Finnish handset maker posts their Q2 2012 financial results, to know how many units they actually sold. Anyway, the question on everyone’s mind after the Lumia 900 started shipping in the United States on April 9th is when exactly will Nokia’s flagship start selling in other countries? We heard rumors of an April 27th release date in the UK, but that’s not true according to The Verge, who actually spoke to Nokia and got some concrete details. They say that the Lumia 900 is scheduled to be released on May 14th in the UK, though it may hit store shelves a few days earlier than that or a few days later. They also say that all of the Lumia 900 units being made right now are being shipped to the United States … so where does that leave international customers?

The more important question is should you even buy the Lumia 900 when it comes out in your country? That’s an easy one to answer: No. Why? Because Windows Phone 8 handsets are going to be just 5 months away as of May 14th, and they’ll be an order of magnitude better than what the Lumia 900 currently offers. That and we’ll know everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 3rd, and we expect it to be absolutely mind blowing. If you want to play with Windows Phone, then by all means pick up a second hand Lumia 800 or even a Lumia 710, but don’t blow your money on what’s ultimately a phone that’ll be obsolete in less than half a year.

Will the Lumia 900, as well as other Windows Phones, get updated to Windows Phone 8 when it ships later this year? Nope, which is why we’re recommending folks stay away at this point.

  • Nokia is expecting big from this model Lumia 900 ..

  • Anonymous

    Stafen, you are sounding like a broken record. If you are going to advise buyers to wait till the next OS upgrade then they will never buy.

    Will their phones not work when WP8 comes out ? – No
    Will their apps stop working ? – No
    Will they not be able to buy apps (even those developed for WP8) ? – No
    Will their phone suddenly not be supported or receive updates ? – No
    Will they be able to upgrade it to WP8? – NOBODY KNOWS so stop spouting your rubbish. You have nothing but rumours.

    Also (if we are to believe rumours) there seems to be a growing concensus that the better spec’d phones i.e. the Lumia 900 you are discouraging users from buying will in fact receive most of the WP8 upgrade anyway.


    As long as it works, runs their apps, is fast and responsive and delivers what they need today why constantly wait ? The only folk who wait are mainly the tech geeks and that is a fraction of the buying population. Try and think outside of your own tech nerd world!

    As an example look at how many Android phones are still being sold with Gingerbread or other older versions of Android whilst a newer version comes out and do they care that they don’t get the upgrade ? – NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jimbo

       You can tell your supervisor over at Microsoft that you guys can lay off the caps lock, exclamation points, and keep your talking points down to a paragraph or two; no need to write a novel.

      • Anonymous

        Very funny @JohnnyTremaine:disqus but just because I try to see things differently to the masses it neither makes me an employee of any technology company nor do I depend any “supervisors”.

        Lastly who made you the content Police!?


        • Dear AS147:

          I could easily ban you, you know that, right? But you humor me with your ramblings. Thanks for being the “content police” for all my Windows Phone articles. I hope I’m not the only one who reads what you have to say.

          Love, Stefan.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Stefan, ban me for what posting(s) precisely?

            Do you know appreciate solicitation of honest and open discourse?

            Is it not the purpose of your stories to evoke discussion and debate ?

            If not please let me know and I will make things easy for you and I will leave never to read your postings again.

          • “There seems to be a growing concensus that the better spec’d phones i.e. the Lumia 900 you are discouraging users from buying will in fact receive most of the WP8 upgrade anyway.”

            You’re giving people false hope. Please stop.

          • Anonymous

            So the above posting by me is a reason to ban me !?

            Please be clear. if so I will leave because I have misunderstood what was acceptable to post here. Though I must say if you believe the above is grounds for banning someone you might not have many readers left if you were to apply that rule equally across all the postings on here.

          • You’re still here, still complaining. <3.

          • Anonymous

            Goodbye Stefan.

            In case anyone is interested Stefan threatened me with being banned from posting on here. When asked what he believes are grounds for doing this he repeated my posting (below)

            “There seems to be a growing concensus that the better spec’d phones i.e. the Lumia 900 you are discouraging users from buying will in fact receive most of the WP8 upgrade anyway.”

            Rather than be constrained from being able to post information (some of which may contradict Stefan) it appears he would prefer not to contradict him. He has been proposing that WP7 devices will not get WP8 upgrade and as such people should not purchase the Lumia 900. He has stated I am giving “people false hope” by my posting above.

            As this site does not appear to have a policy of open and free speech that I expected I have decided to leave and never return.

            I am only posting this so you are aware of the approach Stefan has towards these sorts of postings and that he deems they deserve the authors of such content be banned from his site.

            Good luck to all on here but I will not return when such a dictatorial approach is taken to a supposedly open forum.

          • Ciao!

          • Raven_2751

             i totaly agree with AS147 there is no need to advise your readers that WP7 handsets like the Lumia 900 will not get the WP8 upgrade when you provide only rumours and not actual evidence, due to the fact that there are as many rumours that it will happen as there are not (so why not just say nobody but MS knows and leave it at that), while everyone is free to voice their opinions, it is bad practise to attempt to force your opinions on to somebody else.

          • At this point, it really isn’t a rumor. The only people who still say it’s a rumor are the people who are secretly really pissed off that they’re not going to get Apollo. Denial, it’s a bitch.

          • Anonymous

            Oh Stefan, I know I said I wouldn’t come back but my email alerts came across this morning and when I saw this I just couldn’t help myself.

            What do you mean by “At this point”? ….

            “At this point, it really isn’t a rumor.”

            It is either a fact or not.

            As I said FACT: Nobody knows the truth (that includes YOU). MS have not officially announced anything yet.

            If you are so sure that this is a confirmed fact please cite your official MS source

            If I recall you cited Paul Thurrot. Whilst Paul is often in the know he is not MS.

            To further prove this is a rumour and all you are doing is spreading one aspect of these rumours here is a rumour story (much like your original source) that came out today saying the opposite to you

            see the story called
            “Latest rumour flip-flop On Windows Phone 8 Update Situation”  on the
             pocketnow website   or just search the web

            You accused me of giving false hope.

            Well I say to you stop taking away hope.

            Your source may be right or maybe I am correct – some phones like the Lumia 900 will get a majority of the WP8 updates.

            You also state the only people who are denying your statements are correct are those in denial because they won’t get the upgrade. Well for your information you are wrong again. I don’t own a Windows phone

            As you have clearly indicated I am not welcome here this is MY LAST POST as

            I am bored with your poor attitude towards anyone who wishes to express an opinion that differs from you

          • You’reback, yay!I missedyousomuch.

  • Horia

    Lumia 800/710 definitely have good prices now.
    Due to my positive experiences with WP until now, I am totally recommending these phones, now.

  • Anonymous

    No Stefan you have made it clear you don’t wish to hear anyone differing with you so I want to make it clear I am gone.

    Are you a big enough man to post a new story saying you were wrong if this proves to be so?

    • This is the third or fourth time you’ve told me you’re never coming back here. You must really love my work!

      Anyway, yes, if today’s Nokia Lumia phones get upgraded, I’ll be the first to report that I was wrong, but it’s not going to happen.

      And no, I can’t tell you who my sources are.

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