SwiftKey should add language-specific settings

SwiftKey X

If you’re an Android user who doesn’t have SwiftKey installed on his/her smartphone, you should do it this very second. Stop everything you’re doing and grab it from Google Play (linked below); you’ll thank me later. It’s by far the best virtual keyboard out there, sporting an awesome text prediction engine and some nifty advanced features that will even recognize when you miss space (even though it’s a pretty big button).

Now all that’s cool, but I do have a specific problem with SwiftKey. While I love its text prediction capabilities I don’t like that feature always being turned on. When I’m typing in English I’m cool with relying on SwiftKey’s engine; however when I’m typing in Serbian, the situation is completely different – more often than not SwiftKey stands on my way. Sure enough, I can change the settings and fine-tune recognition, but that’s not the idea as I would have to do that as often as I switch languages. The solution would be to have language-specific settings to make SwiftKey act differently based on the selected language. At the moment that’s not possible, but the point of this article is to convince the SwiftKey folks to think about it and eventually include such feature in the upcoming version of the application…

In the meantime — and as I already stated before — you can’t go wrong for downloading SwiftKey. ūüėČ

SwiftKey X (FREE) [Google Play link]

  • Adam Wireman

    I use swiftkey seamlessly between French and English with no problems what so ever. However, these two languages have very similar keyboards and characters.  I am a bit confused as to what problem you are having in Serbian.  Are you suggesting that the swiftkey engine needs a face lift for the Serbian language?

    • I need to turn off spacebar keyword completion for Serbian…

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