Man offers to legally change his name to score a WWDC ticket

Tickets for Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference opened up yesterday, and quickly sold out within 2 hours, even at $1,600 a pop. The tickets went on sale at 5:45 am PST, selling out at 7:45 and leaving West Coast developers hoping to attend WWDC in the dark. Making matters worse, Apple does not allow the transferring of tickets between individuals, so you won’t be able to pick up a WWDC ticket on eBay, unless you happen to find one of the same name.

One man is trying a different way to get into the event. An anonymous developer has posted an ad on Craigslist stating that he will legally change his name to that of anyone willing to sell him the $1,600 ticket. To sweeten the deal, since both individuals will have the same name for a period of time, the developer has offered to do a host of services such as Jury Duty, DMV license/registration, up to 40 hours of court-ordered community service, and even visit a senile grandparent for the next year. If the ticket holder’s name happens to be Jebodiah (presumably the name of the anonymous developer), there’s a $500 bonus on the table.

Obviously, developers really want in to WWDC, and will go to some length to score an entry. And while Jebodiah’s move is certainly on the extreme side of the coin, we have to wish him the best of luck at scoring a ticket.

[via BGR]

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