Taptu app update adds Retina support, better syncing

Taptu app adds multiple new features

We’re big fans of the Taptu social news reader and the app just received an update which brings multiple new features. In particular, the app now has support for the iPad Retina Display and it also sports a variety of new features.

If you’re not familiar with Taptu, it allows you to “DJ” the news. That means you’ll be able to hand-curate the types of stories you want and it’s all delivered in a visually-pleasing way. If you don’t want to get too granular, you can just add predefined streams like the one from IntoMobile.

Other new features of the app update include:

– User accounts that let you set up your streams on any device and have them automatically populate on another device. No need to register with Taptu, your user account just requires you login to your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linked in account.
– Articles you bookmark also populate across devices.
– Articles read on one device are marked as read in real-time on all other accounts.
– Updated UI that shows articles as stacks of cards when there are related sources- giving multiple points of view on a topic.
– Introduction of search streams on iOS, giving more control to take any search term and turn it into a stream of news.
– App now available in Spanish, French and German.
– Partnership with Readability makes sure that the text is easier than ever to read.
– Great new Widgets(Android)!
– Retina display support for iPad

You can download the Taptu app for iOS here (iTunes link) and for Android here.

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