Instattoo for iOS is apparently the first tattoo generator in the world

Instattoo for iOS is apparently the first tattoo generator in the world

So you’re looking for a tattoo idea? Try Instattoo, a new iOS app that calls itself the world’s first tattoo generator. With a single tap of the on-screen button, the application will automatically generate and present you a new unique tattoo.

Relying on the advanced algorithm to generate the designs on a random basis, Instattoo also allows you to further manipulate tattoos in a kaleidoscope-like manner with a swipe gesture. Moreover, you can change design sizes, modes and styles, and create literally billions of “fantastic tattoos.”

Out of box, you get 12 built-in tattoo styles, with 1 style adding every week. Once you find something you like, you can share the idea across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram) or send it via email. Alternatively, there’s an option to print your tattoo design (via AirPrint), save it to the Camera roll or as a transparent .png file in the Application Folder. Finally, once you get the right response, you can visit the local tattoo shop. Good luck! 😉

Instattoo – Tattoo Design Generator ($4.99) [iTunes link]

  • Anonymous

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  • Instattoo is indeed an interesting app. It is just awesome in presenting new unique tattoos. I like all the built-in designs available. I tried creating one and almost done with it. May be in a couple of days I will complete it fully.

  • Hey! This Instattoo is an interesting tattoo application. It surely presents innovative and unique tattoo. I really feel like getting one, but I am just scared of the pointed needles that they use. The built-in design of the various tattoo available looks nice. 

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