LG launches cloud service for US and UK handset owners

Let the cloud storage wars begin … LG is joining the party of phone makers offering its own cloud storage services. It’s funny because LG tried this thing months ago with its 50GB promotion it ran alongside Box. Now the Korean handset maker will go it alone with its new product called LG Cloud, and it will be available in beta starting tomorrow both in Korea and the United States.

If you own an LG device you’re in luck, because for the first six months all smartphones will get a whopping 50GB of free data through LG Cloud. To get this free storage, all people have to do is install the Android application on their phones. Once the promotion runs its course, free storage will fall down to 5GB, while non-LG handset owners will see 2GB.

LG Cloud will transcode uploaded videos in real-time for improved bandwidth use, and will allow you to stream the 3D content created with your phone on an LG TV — similar to what Apple does now with iCloud or Airport.

Before you jump into the Google Play store to grab this app, just know that LG’s dedicated apps only devices running Android 2.3 and up. The Korean manufacturer said its working on many things that will improve the service, such as a web-based portal, additional paid storage options, etc.

[LG; via phoneArena]

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