RIM teases BlackBerry 10 [video]

We’re live from the Research In Motion BlackBerry World conference and the company just showed off its next-generation operating system, BlackBerry 10. While we’re not expecting devices for a while, the company is seeding a developer device to attendees and released the teaser video below.

RIM says that BlackBerry 10 is designed to make you “agile and nimble,” and that all of the information will work in a “flow.” This means that all the apps will continue to run in the background and that the intelligent notification system will allow you to hop in and out of all these programs at your choosing. Touch, gestures and swiping have been built in from the ground up and the few brief demo sessions we saw were quite impressive.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a BlackBerry without RIM paying attention to the keyboard and we also saw a bit of this on stage. The virtual keyboard has large keys for two-finger typing. The software learns how you type too, so you can quickly personalize it. For one handed typing, there’s some neat auto-complete features that utilize swiping gestures.

It’s still way too early to judge BlackBerry 10, as the platform isn’t really fully available. It does have a great user interface from what I’ve seen and wish that it had hit the market a month ago. RIM said it is taking its time to get it right, so check out the video below and let us know if you think it’s worth the wait.

  • Mak

    looking worth to wait for

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