Hello, Cupcake! gets an iOS app

Hello, Cupcake! gets an iOS app

There’s a cupcake craze out there; we’ve recently seen one iPad app on the subject (from Food Network) and now another one (which works on both the iPhone and iPad) is in the AppStore. Based on the runaway New York Times bestsellers, Hello, Cupcake! contains a selection of ten digitally enhanced projects from the two books (Hello, Cupcake! and What’s New, Cupcake?), with additional cupcake projects available to expand your collection.

Among the application’s notable features are “charming stop-motion animations” for each cupcake project, including penguins racing through the snow, monarchs colonizing a gorgeous blossom, and a polar bear fishing for his dinner. Moreover, Hello Cupcake! also comes with step-by-step how-to videos for each cupcake project, none of which requires hard-to-find ingredients or advanced baking skills.

Finally, there are detailed technique videos on decorating, explaining everything from piping frosting to sugar-coating the cupcakes.

Worth 3 bucks? I think so. 😉

Hello Cupcake! ($2.99) [iTunes link]

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