Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on roundup [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S III has officially been announced and the hands-on videos have begun trickling out onto the internet. We’ve rounded them up so you don’t have to go searching from site to site. This page will be updated as more videos are released.

The Galaxy S III is one hell of a smartphone, but we weren’t expecting anything less. Some may be a little let down that most of the rumors of the handset didn’t pan out. Then again, we weren’t really expecting a 1080p display or wireless charging anyway. That said, we would have welcomed a 12 megapixel camera. Either way, we’re definite liking what Samsung has achieved with the Galaxy S III and we’re expecting a lot of positive reception when it’s officially available.

The US version of the handset won’t get out of the gate as soon as we would like but we do hope it retains the new Exynos processor. The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim but we can still dream!

For now, check out the videos of the Galaxy S III being fondled in all the right places and keep checking back for updates to this page!

[UPDATE: A wireless charging accessory was announced]

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From Engadget

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  • Anonymous

    Cheap plasticy, non premium feel. great,

  • Samsung is an Apple copycat. Its no surprise that they made a single home button right in the center, just like the iPhone.

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