Samsung Galaxy S III lands in Europe on May 29, US in June

Samsung unveiled its flagship Galaxy S III today and confirmed the Android handset will go on sale as early as May 29 in Europe. It will then make its way across the pond and land in the US sometime in June.

Carrier availability was not announced but Samsung said the phone will land on 296 mobile operators in 145 countries. Sources close to The Verge say Sprint is on board with the Galaxy S III in the US, and, based on earlier Samsung handset launches, the phone will likely debut with Verizon and AT&T, too. Pricing is another unknown that’ll be revealed when the availability date gets closer.

[Via Samsung]

  • MVZ

    The new king of Android Phones is like Prince Charles, long in the tooth ugly on the outside and still in line behind the Queen or as we all know it the Iphone 4S. nice try Sammy go back tot the drawing board and deliver something new and exiting btw the keynote speech still very boring

    • KingKutt

      Ahh ,you must be a member of the iSheep flock

      • Anonymous

        Because he expresses an opinion?

  • Anonymous

    Even though I plan to stick to my GS II, I’m glad to see the wait for the U.S. won’t be ridiculous as it was with the GS II.

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