No solid iPhone rumors = no iPhone at WWDC this year

iLounge recently picked up some “insider information” on the next iPhone. According to the report, Apple’s sixth-generation handset will support all the rumors lately by having a 4-inch display, but it will also apparently have an odd glass back with a metal plate in the middle. Does anyone actually believe this?

I don’t mean to put down iLounge, but let’s look at this from a logical standpoint. Putting a metal plate on the back of an iPhone with glass above and below it doesn’t seem like something Apple would ever do. Could I be wrong? Yes. Am I pretty certain that I’m not wrong? Yes.

Also, thoughts on whether the rumor about a 4-inch display on the next iPhone is credible have been split in half by those who follow the topic: either Apple doesn’t have a choice but to make the display larger or Apple won’t give in to the pressure. I personally take the latter position.

This wouldn’t be the first time iLounge, or for that matter any other Apple blog, has gotten a report wrong. The fact that there hasn’t been any solid iPhone rumors by now indicates that the sixth-generation iPhone most likely will not make its debut at WWDC this year. Apple’s annual developer conference is only a month away and if the new iPhone was going to be announced, we’d know at least one concrete feature by now. If that isn’t enough, Apple predicted a decline in revenue next quarter at its most recent earnings call. That wouldn’t be the case if a substantial new device was going on sale.

[via iLounge]

  • misternobg

    I think that is time after 5 years for bigger screen, most probably 4 inch, but I like very much Stefan’s idea of iPhone nano of 3.5 inch and iPhone 5 of 4 inch.

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