Nokia partners with ESPN, Groupon and others to bring exclusive titles to its Lumia phones

Nokia is partnering with several big-name developers to release their apps exclusively for Nokia’s Lumia handsets. The smartphone maker is partnering with ESPN to launch the ESPN Hub and an ESPN Fantasy Football app, only on the Lumia. The Hub app, an exclusive until May 2013, will feature sports scores as well as coverage of Nascar, Tennis and the 2012 Olympics. Lumia handset owners will also enjoy one year of the PGA Tour app starting in June 2012. Besides sports, Nokia is bringing local savings app Groupon and driving app Tripdots exclusively to the Lumia for six and three months, respectively.

Lumia customers will also benefit from Nokia’s effort to bring Angry Birds Space and a suite of EA games like FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam and more to its Lumia handsets as soon as possible. These high-profile titles aren’t exclusives like the ones above, but they will be developed to work on Nokia’s hardware.

In the end, I’m not sure this app initiative will get customers to drop their iPhone for a Lumia. For fans of Windows Phone, however, these apps are yet another reason to consider a Lumia over its competition.

[Via Nokia]

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