CTIA 2012: LG booth tour

We’re sweating through CTIA here in New Orleans, and we wanted to share another booth tour to all of our readers. This time, we took to LG’s booth and the main focus is 4G LTE, which is why the only handsets shown off were touting the technology.

Also showcased was LG’s True HD IPS display technology, which still impresses me every time I see it. On more than one occasion, including this time around, the displays on the likes of the Optimus 4X HD and 3D Max are so clear that they appear fake at times, as if it were a dummy unit with a sticker with a picture of the homescreen put on face of the device, especially when viewing the display at certain angles.

Of course, the Vu was also on display as well. We got a chance to play around with LG’s answer to the Galaxy Note in Barcelona and it’s quite an interesting device that we like a lot.

Although not mobile, LG was also showcasing its Magic Windows, which essentially takes the passive 3D tech off of the screen, where its put on a pane of glass that produces a 3D effect that doesn’t require glasses, as the Magic Window itself is essentially a large pair of 3D glasses. What’s even more interesting, when looking on the other side of the glass, you notice that the video actually shown on the TV panel is almost invisible on the screen.

CTIA obviously isn’t as big as the likes of CES or Mobile World Congress, so it’s nice when a company still has a nice, big booth. LG’s booth is one our favorites, so be sure to check out the pictures below!

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