Sprint Sierra Wireless Tri-Fi hotspot has 3G, WiMax LTE

Fresh off its chat about its 4G LTE plans, Sprint has released a Sierra Wireless Tri-Fi hotspot that can handle CDMA 3G, WiMax 4G and 4G LTE. It looks like it’s a triple threat.

Sprint said it will be able to intelligently shift between the three technologies for a seamless customer experience and other than the novelty of having WiMax and LTE, it’s like your average hotspot. It can create a personal Internet cloud for up to 8 WiFi devices, has a screen for battery life and signal strength, supports microSD cards and it even has a GPS chip inside.

At 3.84 inches x 2.25 x 0.95 inches, it’s not the smallest hotspot we’ve ever seen but that footprint doesn’t seem to bad. The Tri-Fi will set you back about $100 after rebates and signing a two-year contract and it will be available May 18. Any of you going to bite on this?

  • Just a few days ago this product has been introduced by Sprint. Sprint built formidable power and capabilities in the device. I think all 4G LTE users would be relieved with hearing the news about the product.

  • Jsps999

    I read the Instruction Manual online, and it states that you can connect to the Internet via 4G (WiMax) BEFORE this device is activated with Sprint.
    However, BEFORE this device is activated you will not be able to connect to 4G LTE, and 3G Internet.

  • Sprint has built this product at such a smart way. It might be a perfect solution for multiple communication technologies.  I have got many good reviews for the product and that inspired me a lot.

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