President Clinton says wireless can transform the world

President Bill Clinton delivered the closing keynote speech of CTIA 2012 and he said that the wireless industry has the potential to change the world for good in a variety of ways.

The former president mixed in a few of his political philosophies but he mainly focused on how communication networks can enable collaboration, which allows governments and the private industries to attack major problems. Clinton cited a U.N. report which stated that for every 10 percent of mobile penetration in poor countries, the GDP can rise by 1 percent each year. In fact, he said that modern mobile technologies have done more to bring people out of poverty than almost any other technology.

President Clinton used Haiti as an example, as after the earthquake, a group of private companies, non-governmental entities and the government worked on a mobile banking system which really helped the Haitian people. It’s not just developing countries though, as he said mobile technology will play a large role in America cutting down its healthcare costs. That last part is important, as Clinton was clear that this wasn’t just a feel-good exercise but one that will help to growth the economy and build the future.

We live-tweeted the event from the @IntoMobile account and I’ll post some of those below. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Marinperez too.

It was one of the more interesting CTIA keynote speeches I’ve seen and President Clinton reminded us that he had previously spoken at the 2007 show with President H.W. Bush (he walked away with the “best bag of tech goodies”).

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