Video from pod2g shows untethered jailbreak of an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1

Pod2g has some good news for iPad 3 owners waiting for an untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1. The iOS hacker blows away the tethered jailbreak with a YouTube video showing a jailbroken iPad 3 booting up on its own, without any help from a Mac or iTunes.

Before you start salivating at all the Cydia apps you can put on your retina iPad, please remember that this is just a proof-of-concept to show that an untethered jailbreak is possible. Be patient as the tools to jailbreak your iPad are still under development and won’t be available right away. It takes time to prepare the jailbreak and test it before it’s bundled up for public consumption. This video, though, is a sign that we are closer than ever to an untethered release.

[Via pod2g]

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