iCloud is getting some photo sharing upgrades at WWDC

The WWDC 2012 rumors are cranking out fast now that it’s less than a month away. The latest to hit the Internet revolves around what Apple will do with iCloud. For iCloud’s first birthday, it will likely get a wealth of desirable upgrades.

Apple is apparently in the process of taking Photo Stream, a current iCloud service that lets individual users share their own most recent photos with the cloud to keep in sync on all device, and turn it into a social network of sorts. This would mean users could share not just one set, but multiple sets of photos with other iCloud users and friends can interact with and comment on them.

In addition to photos, Apple wants to switch into high gear by allowing for videos to live in the cloud. The photos you take on your iPhone are easily sent up into iCloud and back down to your other iOS devices, Mac, or PC, but up until now, you’ve been out of luck if you wanted to keep your videos in sync. That requires the tedious pre-iOS 5 process of tethering your devices to iTunes. Hopefully Apple will offer some relief this year at WWDC.

Push notifications have also been found on a beta version of iCloud.com along with web apps for Notes and Reminders that would allow iOS users (and soon Mac users) to access these common productivity tools on the Internet. The push notifications would presumably tie in with the Reminders, Mail, and Calendar apps — the latter two of which already have a home on the web.

Apple is expected to unveil these upgrades to iCloud plus iOS 6 and more details on OS X Mountain Lion at WWDC 2012.

[via WSJ]

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