Straight Talk launches the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for $180 all in

Most folks haven’t heard of Straight Talk, but they’re America’s largest prepaid operator. They have agreements with all four of the major operators, unlike other prepaid operators who piggy back on just one network. Anyway, this week they’re launching a new phone: the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It has a 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel display, 1 GHz processor, and a 3 megapixel camera. All that will cost you $180 all in, with the service costing just $45 per month for unlimited talking, texting, and what’s assumed to be 2 GB worth of data. What makes the Proclaim special is that it uses Verizon’s 3G network, which means it’ll work damn near everywhere. Whereas most prepaid phones use Sprint’s network, which can best be described as patchy, Verizon’s network hugs America like a soft warm blanket.

So now for the important question: Should you buy this thing? Considering that you can get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $399 straight from Google, then no. It’s worth it to save your pennies and get a much better device. And best part of all, you can order a SIM card from Straight Talk, so you can enjoy that same unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB of data in a device that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to pull out of your pocket. That and the Galaxy Nexus can use either T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s network, so coverage should be fantastic.

While we’re on the topic of prepaid, did you know that Q1 2012 was the first quarter where the number of people on contracts actually dropped? That’s right, it looks like prepaid is the new black, and why shouldn’t it be? You can spend half of what you usually do per month if you’re simply willing to cough up a bit extra for an unsubsidized device. Chances are most people will put that $399 Nexus on their credit card anyway, which means they’ll pay it off over a couple of months.

  • Monica659

    Slightly confused on this.  You speak of Verizon & the benefits, of which I fully agree to.  I refuse to use AT&T & do not consider Sprint worth looking into.  But glad they remain for competition to big red. Your idea for the Nexus sounds wonderful & an easy decision to make, until you spill the beans that it is AT&T’s network.  Too bad, i would have loved to do this with the Nexus & dump big red’s massive monthly costs…..

    • I prefer verizon over at&t if im signed with those actual companies but using at&t networks on straight talk hasnt given me as much problems strangely enough.  Ive been using a motorola atrix 2 on straight talk using at&t towers and i LOVE it.  I get 4g every where i frequent.  Even my house, which is in the middle of no where.

      • Anonymous

         Really? I think you talk bollox

  • Wait, so why should I spend $399 instead of $179.99? This article didn’t really make that clear.

  • Jules_16dqbabe

    nice phone just got one today. well worth it for a smart phone with great coverage and smaller bill. who cares about a damn nexus this phone can do just as much as i need it to.  i dont need a freakin personal robot in my back pocket

    • hey i was hoping to see a video from it please  i have the e71 and thats the only thing i was going to get rid of it for is it worth it thats my question 

    • Todd

      And if I do need a robot, out comes my Nexus 7 tablet. But yeah, I’m finding talk/text/a few must have apps on the go is all I need day to day. The latest whiz-bang phone is not necessary. I have an ‘older’ HTC Rezound, and really, it’s just overkill – along with the monthly bill.

  • My Proclaim arrived yesterday and I like it, mostly due to using the Verizon towers. Everything about it seems just fine. If I had one negative comment it is that the battery seems to drain quickly. On the other hand, I’ve been playing with all of the functions and that may have hastened it a bit. Bottom line, this is the best deal going. Get the $45 unlimited plan with a Galaxy Proclaim via Straight Talk and you’ll be just fine.

    • Kraut

       Just follow the tips and ideas in the manual to reduce power usage and drain. Also, let your battery go down to very near 0% before you recharge it. Every battery is rated for x charging cycles, it does not matter if you charge it from near 0% back to 100% or have it on the car charger that turns off every time you stop the engine (most cars) while running errands and it only gets a few minutes of charge time, it uses ONE cycle each time. When you are ready to buy a new battery, get an aftermarket one from places such as Batteries +, Radio Shack, etc, they usually offer better batteries w/ longer life (more cycles) and better call and standby times (capacity). IIRC, this Proclaim is identical with the Samsung Illusion (on Verizon). Check compatibility, might offer better batteries at the Verizon store, too. Accessories might interchange, too.

      • Cgallaway2000

        not exactly….batteries are rated for so many charge cycles based on depth of discharge per cycle. In the ratings, they assume usually an 80% depth of discharge. But since the batteries are not linear elements, allowing just a 60% depth of discharge can allow for twice as many charging cycles.

    • lovinmybabies

       i had the same problem with my battery…i changed the background pic back to one thats on the phone n turned the back lighting down n now my battery lasts forever

  • Jshockley5

    the service plan for this phone is unlimited talk text and data

  • Anonymous

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  • Melissa

    Any problems with low memory or phone crashing? I have the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and the internal phone memory is awful . Im constantly swapping out apps for various activities like ebooks verses serius radio.

  • The big difference between the Proclaim and Nexus is the network they use. The Proclaim will work with the Verizon CDMA network, the Nexus will not. Nor will any other device using a SIM card.

    • Android

      Lol wut.

      VZW had the failed exclusive launch of the GN as far as US carriers go. CDMA w/ LTE that requires a micro sim.

  • Billy W. Ryals, Jr

    First of all not every one can afford to pay “just $400” for a phone. Where as $180 is affordable if the phone works…. second I wouldn’t buy another phone that works on the at&t network if they paid me to use it…. I was looking for an honest review of this phone but you seem to be making a buck from at&t or the phone itself because you didn’t cover the phone at all. I happen to be looking for a phone on the verizon network but you didn’t help in the least with your biased review

    • AT&T buys my hookers, what can I say!

      • Steven

        It’s funny, but I’m not sure you see the value of this phone. Many folks can not afford an unlocked phone and the accompanying monthly charge, hell, some folks wouldn’t even get approved for the contract. This is HUGE news for people who can’t afford $150/month bills and want to have the newest technology. To base this phone on comparisons of other phones on other providers is inappropriate.

    • Billy W. Ryals, Jr

      I do not know who posted the above information, but it was not me.

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  • Both Samsung Galaxy Precedent and Samsung Galaxy Proclaim are sold with unlimited talk, text, web and no contract. 

    • their version of “unlimited” is really just 2 GB of data, at least that’s the consensus.

  • Zach

    False, all the Android phones on Straightalk are operated on Sprint’s network. Like Virgin and Boost. 

    • No check it out on Straigh Talk web site. It is on verizon

    • endlesscalls

       i just spoke to straight talk / trac fone this phone is on verizon

    • I have used Straight Talk for a year and it runs on the Verizon network where I live. It depends on where you live as to which network it uses. Where my sons are it runs on another network.

      • Chris

        It actually depends on which device you purchase.

    • Ken

      Sorry Zach, the new Proclaim runs on Verizon.  Just bought one for my wife and it works great out in the middle of no where.  We do not have Sprint or I would have changed a long time ago.  The phone works great and sounds great!

    • TA

      Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim run off Verizon, StraightTalk’s ZTE Merit phone runs off AT&T. 

    • TA

      Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim run off Verizon, StraightTalk’s ZTE Merit phone runs off AT&T. 

    • Bradon26

      no there not. i have an android phone on straight talk and it runs off verizon towers

    • HatterasJeepguy

      Sorry Zach, YOU are wrong. Get with the times. Straighttalk indeed has an Android phone now that runs off of Verizon towers. If you actually took the time to read the above article, you would already know that fact. I hate when people comment on here like they know everything, but they don’t.

    •  You’re incorrect.  All of the Straight Talk Android phones UNTIL THIS ONE ran off of Sprint-primary towers.  This one has been confirmed to run off of Verizon’s prepaid towers which are essentially the same coverage as their regular towers. 

    • Dgoforth14

      nope at the left corner of the box if it has the letters cmda-v it run on verizon 

    • CL66

      Not true.  I actually contacted Straight talk (they are pretty fast through their email contact) to confirm which towers the phones that are supposed to work in my area run off of.  Huawei Ascend II and Samsung Galaxy Precedent run off of Sprint.  Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is off of Verizon.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Princessporkchop2000

    No they did just come out with one that is off of the Verizon towers which is the Samsun Galaxy.  Believe me I bought the LG optimus that runs off sprint but quickly returned it.  I am glad they are finally going to get verizon on board with the Android phones but I think I will still wait it out a bit longer till a nicer phone is available.

  • Princessporkchop2000

    Going along with what I just said I spelt Samsung wrong so that made me look smart. 🙂
    Right now I am using a company called Republic Wireless that is also run off sprint but also can make calls just off wifi so works great at home and at work even when there is no sprint service.  There are some quirks: wifi calls sound a little hollow, when I pull in my diveway it switches over to wifi and drops the call I was already on but only costs $20 a month.

  • AJ

    Thought I was reading a review of the Proclaim, instead it was a commercial for a Nexus.

  • dovedescent7

    I love straight talk…  Been with them three years…  @ 45 bucks a month,i was able to save my pennies over the last couple of years,as opposed to my Verizon always being like 120-130$,and i went and bought the Galaxy SII skyrocket @ ebay for like 350$ brand new!

    Now i have a sick phone,with speeds around 6-8m download virtually unlimited! No contract,no “extra fees” no nothing! And if you didnt hear me right the first time,thats 6000-8000kbps on speedtest…  Thats faster than my work speed!

    Just go on there site,but the at&t sim,and a 45 a month unlimited card (or go to walmart) and get a card,then pop in the sim,put in ur card number online,port ur number and your done!
    (my fiance ported her old number in less than 10 minutes)

    I was with verizon for 7 years….   So afraid to leave…I was worried cuz “verizon had the best towers etc etc”

    Ive never dropped a call and get 6-8m download unlimited?  I WILL NEVER LEAVE STRAIGHT TALK….  you couldnt pay me to go back to the Verizon nightmare!!! CROOKS!


  • Brittanyhenrich69

    how do you enable the front facing camera on the proclaim?

    • Aaronfattore

      no camera on front the ONLY thing that sucks. everything else is a no brainer. get out of your contracts now peeps!!

      • Spottysowner94

        yeah none of the descriptions for the phone say there is one, but it looks like there is? how confusing….

        • Marriah Wetzsteon

          it does look like there is a front camera. it’s been annoying me for days.

  • “Most folks haven’t heard of Straight Talk”?  No… most folks haven’t heard of Stefan Constantinescu. Just about everyone I know is familar with Straight Talk.  Hell, their tv commercials run non-stop. How could one NOT know who they are unless you live in a cave? It is pretty obvious that you are not a Verizon fan by your statement promoting T-Mobile and AT&T, two inferior networks in the area where I live… neither work very well due to the lack of towers. Your bias also shows itself in your pathetic review of this Samsung Galaxy Proclaim phone that uses Verizon towers. You call this a review? Anyone can call themselves a “mobile phone enthusiast”. You obviously suck at being one unless it runs on T-Mobile or AT&T.  You do not impress me in the least. Maybe you should go back to Nokia. Truth is, they probably fired you. Intomobile needs a REAL phone reviewer.

    • well said and totally agree…the bullshit that some take for truth. where do they find these people …Texas good for 2 things = steers and queers.

      • Kathy

        ha ha  hey I’m from Texas….   I resemble that remark.  NOT.   I love my straight talk phone.

  • “So now for the important question: Should you buy this thing?
    Considering that you can get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $399 straight
    from Google, then no.”

    Considering the Nexus is $399? Say way? When you add in the sim the Nexus is $235 MORE. over TWICE THE PRICE. These are not even close in price, why are you comparing them as if they are?

    “in a device that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to pull out of
    your pocket.”

    What are you 12 years old? If you worry about being embarrassed because of your cell phone, you got deep seeded issues in life, man.


    • Bigeasygac

      KUDOS FRED! I read that same article and was thinking exactly that. People don’t understand that this is a “Starter Android” with a few tweaks. If you want to go fork out 199 for an iPhone 4s and have a two year leash go for it. I’ll be at Best Buy talking to my friends with a clear signal while buying the new Call Of Duty with the money I saved. Oh yeah, iPhone and Siri are truly overrated, trust me I know from experience. BOYCOTT SPRINT!

  • Astemple2011

    Wow! The whole point of prepaid is so that you can cut back on your debt and bills. What’s wrong with saving money?!? And there is nothing wrong with pulling any Straight Talk phone out of your pocket to make a call. In fact, when I worked for the school district, a LOT of the kids with cell phones had Straight Talk phones because it was less expensive in the long run than adding another phone to their parents’ plans. Or because their parents already had, and were very happy with, their Straight Talk service. Straight Talk may not be perfect, but it sure beats having to pay $50+/month for a landline (and that’s without internet), and it’s much more portable. When you consider that many people pay for landline, internet, and a cell (which they are obligated to for 1-3 years, even if it turns out to be crappy service), then Straight Talk makes much more sense in the long run. If you figure landline and internet runs about $100/month where I live, and a lot of people in cell phone contracts are paying$70-80/month for cell service, too, then you’re looking at around $180/month. If you get rid of the landline and internet (unless you’re using the internet for a home-based business, then it’s a frivolous expense) and opt for a prepaid cell with unlimited talk, internet and text, then that $189 phone pays for itself in just under 2 months. I had to get a phone for work, so I went from a landline only to a Straight Talk only. I paid $89.99 for the phone, and I buy the $45 unlimited card every month. Taking into consideration that I had to move in the middle of the first year and would have had to pay connection fees and all the installation crap, my prepay phone paid for itself in less than a year and opened my world up to having internet right at my finger-tips all the time. And all that for less than what I was paying for just phone before. While your assessment is that it’s worth it to waste over $200 just to have the more pretentious phone, my assessment is that you have more money than good sense, and you should not be writing an article advising people what kind of phone to buy or what kind of phone service to utilize.

  • Considering the recent announcement made by Verizon as to their new “shared family plans” that start at the end of June ($50 for 1 gig of data !!!), I think more and more people are going to be switching to prepaid.  The benefit of this particular phone is that you can still use the Verizon towers but have a bill that will be less than half of what Verizon’s new plans will cost you as an individual.  Makes you wonder once people start jumping ship, if Verizon will end their relationships with companies like Straight Talk, too.

    • I went in to our local Walmart yesterday (a Supercenter) and guess what? All of the Verizon tower Straight Talk phones have been removed from the store. I asked the cell phone sales clerk why and he told me that “the powers that be had them all removed”. They now only have Sprint and AT&T Straight Talk phones. Funny thing is, Sprint coverage here is almost non-existent and AT&T has no rural coverage to speak of here. They did, however, have a huge brand new Verizon Prepaid display. Is this the beginning of the end for Straight Talk phones that use Verizon towers?

      • Impjunk

         If that the case, order a straight talk android phone that uses verizon towers online.

        • Ras4ch

           I ordered the proclaim online (because they weren’t on the shelves at Walmart where I live, and I wanted phone on the Verizon network). I’ve had it for 2 weeks, and it had worked fine…right up until tonight when it stopped sending and receiving texts and calls. I was on the phone with Straighttalk customer service for over 1 1/2 hours at which time I was told “Verizon doesn’t show record of your number at all, but it looks fine on our end. I’ll have to escalate it, but you’ll have to call back tomorrow because that department is now closed” (it closed 40 min prior) She “Guaranteed” it would be resolved tomorrow (which is NOW actually today). So, we’ll see how that goes. I wonder now after seeing Kim’s post above.

          • Ras4ch

             Well, I called back this morning, and spoke w/Peter this time. Tried to tell him the above, that the information was supposed to have been in the system, and that it was supposed to be “escalated”, and I was guaranteed resolution today from that department. I asked him if he could please transfer me over. He just continued to say he would help me. Each time I did what he told me to do, I also explained this was all done last night for 1 1/2 hours, and reiterated what I had been informed. Long story short, and almost an hour later of doing the same stuff I did last night, he said I’d have to call back tomorrow; that he has “escalated” it, but that that dept. was closed today. I’d have to call back tomorrow, and they’d direct me to the correct dept. (like today, I suppose.) So, though I have internet thru wiFi, I cannot make or receive any calls or texts because my Verizon 3G is STILL not working. …..”Can you hear me now?” and Straighttalk is not resolving the issue with THIS Samsung Proclaim.

          • Sureallifebouy

            Yesterday 10-4-12 my service was cut off. I paid the service fee three days earlier. When I contacted them the first person told me that there was no record of the transaction (though I was sent two text stating thanks with the end date of 11-03-12). I was asked to get my transaction code from my bank and the time stamp. I got the required info from my bank call ST back informed the teck support and was told that the number I was calling about had been changed (without my knowledge or consent) it took me two hours the have my problem resolved, and I couldn’t get my old number back. this was a particular issue because I had to be reset and lost all my apps contacts and so on. The next problem that arised was I can not get my emerson em229 bluetooth to pair with my proclaim. I already was having a problem with it unconnecting even while in the same room with my phone. I know it is still working because I have my old samsung slide phone and it connects to it automatically. 

          • Sureallifebouy

            I wanted add to my comment, I’ve been with ST for four years. I was pleased that they had finally got an android phone using the Verizon network. I purchased this as my first smart phone and I’m pleased with it aside from my previous comment. the only complaint with my old phone was with ST dropping the Verizon 411 and using an automated service that does not understand certain words and then having to listen to a commercial in order to use it, not to mention their service tecs are hard to understand as your speaking to someone from the Philippines. 

          • ja c court

            that is why I use straight talk on facebook
            and deal with them online I fill out a support ticket and then go from there.

      • Jared

        The Walmart’s in Nebraska have the Proclaim which works on Verizon’s towers….at least in Omaha, Lincoln and Fremont. I’m using the Proclaim right now and bought it inside a Walmart store. 

        • Whyldchld

          I also have the Proclaim in Omaha. Hope you don’t plan to travel outside of those three areas too much LOL cuz you will find out that unless its a major metro area, it does not work even for phone calls, much less txt or DATA I have found. Friend has the TBolt on VZW and she got full bars. Not me, the phone was useless when I visited her.

      • Jenn

        The walmart in Effingham, IL had several phones for straight talk that use the verizon towers. That’s all that works out in this rural community. Also I went online and purchased my Optimus Zip from their website because it is the only android with a slider qwerty keyboard. 

    • Rosastolemyseat

      The worst part about Verizon’s prepaid service is it is $50 unlimited everything – on a standard non-smartphone. For a smartphone it is $80! Net10 uses verizon 3G AND is 40 unlimited everything with no roaming. StraightTalk’s coverage for Android is lacking also. 

      • Rosastolemyseat

        correction 50 unlimited everything

  • you look like a crackhead telling lies for a free phone. the phone is crap and has more bugs than
    rosie rottencrotch!

  • Redsroadrunner

    I just bought the Straighttalk Samsung Proclaim and I love it.  The only problem I have is with the battery…it DEFINITELY does not last long.  I have to charge it back up every night and I don’t talk much on it.  Other than that, it is well worth the money..UNLIMITED..UNLIMITED..UNLIMITED!!!

    • Bigeasygac

      No disrespect to anyone but I am tired of hearing people fuss about having to charge their phones every day. IT IS NOT A SIMPLE FLIP PHONE PEOPLE! IT IS A POCKET COMPUTER WITH THE ABILITY TO MAKE PHONE CALLS! Where have people been? Show me one piece of battery driven, processor hungry technology that does NOT have to be charged at least once a day. Don’t worry…I’ll wait!

    • Powwowtime

       Download and activate Juice Defender free from the Android Market … um, I mean Google Play (the new name). Or search the Market — I mean – Google Play for “battery saver”. JD generally stretches out your battery life to 1.5x to 1.8x as much by shutting down background services and apps that you are not actually using. Also turn off bluetooth, wifi and gps when you are not actually using them, those transceivers eat up battery life that can be saved with them off when not in use.

  • Joanns185

    where do i find the car charger for this?

    • Aprice

      I bought a car charger from the chevron and it works perfectly..

  • Proclaim Cop

    straight talk samsung proclaim. is verizon. is unlimited data. get facts “straight”. lol. fantastic att coverage? author is on drugs. this is a great phone for the average user, easily (less than 2 minutes) rooting. havent ran into any of the “bugs” the elite ppl, LOLOL, have described.

    • Ipoohgirl

       You are so correct.. it does use Verizon. One of the few that do from Straight Talk..For everyone else.. Checkout the ST website and look for the phone that works on America’s largest network and you will have same as verizon customers for a whole lot less.. I will be changing to ST when my Verizon contract is over….

      • Andrea111

        Verizon’s pre-pay network is not the same as their contract network, unless this has changed in the last few years. Just an FYI. I did make the switch to Straight Talk and have been very satisfied. I’m glad there’s now an Android available that uses the Verizon network even if it is the prepay one, since AT&T and Sprint coverage is very spotty in my area.

        • Jenn

          Also there is another Android that uses the Verizon network it’s called the Optimus Zip. It’s a little cheaper than the proclaim and comes with a slider qwerty keyboard. 🙂

          • Dontazz2003

            I heard it work off sprint, but it does not work in my zip of 24551 but the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim does yet they sell the zip at walmart near me.  so I brought Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.

      • Mrcervantesdaniel

         Ipoohgirl, You have to ask your self.. will it cost you more per month keeping your verizon contract and cheaper to cancel contract? It it is cheaper to cancel contract than to finish out your monthly services. Go ahead and cancel it and start saving money with ST

        • I am also on Verizon and was contemplating if I should wait out my contact (ends july 2013) or just pay the termination fee. I have the iphone 4 now. would i be able to keep it and unlock it somehow so i can use it on straight talk? I like my phone but HATE the ridiculous monthly bill! I guess really the only reason i havnt canceled my contract yet is because i have to pay the $250 termination fee plus another $200 for a straight talk phone since i want to stay with a smart phone. Oh yes, I have to have Verizon coverage. I live in VERY RURAL Nebraska where even the Verizon coverage doesnt always work. T Mobile and AT&T forget it, wont work at all. 

  • Diamondlady51

    I’ve had the Galaxy Proclaim for about a month now and like everything about a month now.  My battery lasts longer than any phone I have had in the past, so no complaints on that.  I have had phones that used Sprint towers and where I live, I received a letter stating they were doing away with some of their towers.  Also tried T-Mobile and it worked IF I sat outside my home – NO way!  This phone works in S. Florida and everywhere I have travelled to (central and north Florida).  Very pleased with phone and Straight Talk service.

  • Diamondlady51

    I’ve had the Galaxy Proclaim for about a month now and like everything about a month now.  My battery lasts longer than any phone I have had in the past, so no complaints on that.  I have had phones that used Sprint towers and where I live, I received a letter stating they were doing away with some of their towers.  Also tried T-Mobile and it worked IF I sat outside my home – NO way!  This phone works in S. Florida and everywhere I have travelled to (central and north Florida).  Very pleased with phone and Straight Talk service.

  • Billyray873

    i dont know what some of you guys are talking about i have had a straight talk phone for a while now and it works perfectly!!!

  • Redhot_tamale01

    how dou you get the front camera working on this phone?

    • Chelseavicky119

       im asking he same thing. starightalk tried telling me that the phone does not have a front camera and im still waiting for a reply.

      • Cowgirllybrit

        its not a camera its for video chat

  • Rebb12

    I have this phone for a month, and I hate it. It constantly turns off by itself, it does not like sending messages while I’m on wifi. I constantly get texts saying I need to refill the phone, even though I did so a week a go. My phone also freezes and glitches A LOT. The battery life is crap. I have to charge my phone 3-5 times a day. Which, is extremely annoying. I hate this phone. But my mother isn’t letting me get rid of it until I got my use out of it….well, I have. I hate it. It’s been nothing but a problem since the first day I got it.

    • Chasity Koberstein

       ive phone for 3 days n i just have to charge it at night n its never shut off on me its best to have  it off to charge it it charges more

    • Raftoar

      Your MOTHER isn’t letting you get rid of it???
      How old are you Rebb12, twelve?
      Save up your allowance and buy a new phone that makes you happy.

    • Whyldchld

      Not the same experience I have AT ALL. Battery lasts a long time for me but then I keep the DATA turned off unless I need it. I only get txts when the refill date is nearing. It has never  froze. Only problem I have sending messages with wifi is when I send/receive MMS  which I then turn DATA on. SMS works with wifi/with and without data on. Keep in mind that sometimes APPS will cause erratic behaviour. Not all code in apps are perfect.

  • Ryan

    Time to wipe the drool off your mouth retard. “Verizon’s network hugs America like a soft warm blanket.” So get a phone that uses a different network for $200 more…uhhhhh…duhhhh…huh?

  • howell7272

     Problem is if you buy the Galaxy from Google and a sim from ST, you move from Verizon to AT&T network.

  • howell7272

     Problem is if you buy the Galaxy from Google and a sim from ST, you move from Verizon to AT&T network.

    • Ipoohgirl

       Not necessarily true… Friend bought phone and has same signal as mine (I am Verizon customer)and when the phone was programed.. The message was from Verizon over the air programming… So nothing lost there..

      • Ipoohgirl

         Plus take your 4g Verizon phone and transfer to ST and still keep your 4g for same price as phones using 3g… Nothing lost, but alot of money gained….

  • The US is one of the last countries that still have contract phone providers. It’s time has passed. Go anyplace in Europe and they offer prepaid service. People shouldn’t be embarrassed to have a prepaid phone anymore. The truth is, anyone who is going to buy a cell phone has already done so. First time cell phone purchases have pretty much topped out. The only place service providers can compete is with existing users. The big names don’t want to admit it but prepaid is going to be the way to go from now on. The reality is people are going to continue to switch when their contracts are up as long as they can get a better deal with decent phones and coverage.

    “While we’re on the topic of prepaid, did you know that Q1 2012 was the first quarter where the number of people on contracts actually dropped?”   ….Sign of things to come.

  • CJ

    Will this phone work with all apps?

    • I have not run in to any apps that I have not been able to use yet.  I’ve had it for about a month.

  • Wendysoccer7

    My front cam is not working for skype video chat how do I activate it? I have spent over 3 hrs messing with it and trying the guide can anyone help?

    • M Don

      This phone doesn’t have a front cam.

      • Actually it does have a front facing camera (mine does at least), I can see the thing.  However I cannot figure out how to turn it on either.

        • Whyldchld

          Actually its the light sensor for the auto brightness or whatever. It has no camera except in the rear. Also, it does not have identical coverage as normal VZW phones. Ask me how I know this! But you can use like FoxFi app for wifi tether which works great and without the need for root! Love it.

  • Jenn

    I bought the Straight Talk Android Optimus Zip and it cannot connect to the 3G network at all. Straight said if it doesn’t fix itself in 24 hours they will have to send a replacement phone tomorrow. We had Verizon and this phone uses the Verizon network… I don’t understand why it would do this. 

    • Jenn

      Nevermind, it took 12 hours but, my phone is finally connecting to the internet!!

  • Mboudet

    So is it better to go with a better device (Galaxy SII) on a worse network or the Galaxy Proclaim on Verizon’s network?

  • Idunnoyou

    your mom likes it

  • J_T

     Should I buy this bicycle to ride on campus?
    No, you should save your pennies and buy that 10yd dump truck.
     What a bizarre article. It comes across as being written by a 14 year old with low self esteem (so you can enjoy that same unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB of data in a
    device that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to pull out of your pocket”, for example).

  • Twobackdraft

    can u get galaxy s III and use it on straight talk

  • Michael

    Hell I’ve Had my proclaim now for about 5 month give or take.. I wouldn’t give it up for the world….I can do just about the same thing as the rest of them high class phones….just minus the class…..I went to boost a few weeks back and got their high dollar phone and turned right around 2 days later and gave their phone back….came straight back to my proclaim…..on straight talk. and I’m glad I did

  • Riverdave

    Being in a area that only a verizon phone will work, at $148 forthe phone and $45 for unlimited service thisphone was a no-brainer..haven’tfound much it can notdo…Great deal

  • Cassie

    I don’t know why, but the last time I payed & got my phone cut back on, the 3G was no longer on. Help?

  • The proclaim is not worth 180.00 if it stays dead all the time. Not worth buying. Total waste of money. wish I would never have bought it!

  • I purchased Two of these units, one of them was defective, I attempted to return the defective unit to Walmart where I purchased it and was told that I only had ten days to return the unit, this turned out to be untrue, by the time we discovered that we had 14 days to return the unit not Ten, it was actually 15 days, so one day past the return date.

    So we began to call into the support line, which was in another nation where English is not the language of the speaker, each call ended in frustration it appeared that the objective of the support organization was to deny the warranty, delay the process, deceive the customer, until frustration ends the call.

    These units have defective charging ports on some of the units, if you look at the incidence rate, this is a disturbing trend.

    We now own two of these units and only one of them actually works, the company that operates this carrier is Trac Phone, they seem to be UN-reachable, you cannot get in touch with anyone who actually lives in the USA.

    I think that paying upfront for a cell phone and then having no support and no warranty, is a really bad thing for Walmart and Trac Phone. I wish I had just purchased through a cell phone carrier based in the United States, like ATT or Verizon, at least then I could take the defective phone to a local store and get some help.

    Wow, thanks for that Walmart.

  • justbe78

    I just bought this phone 2 weeks ago; the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim *I love it! Its fast, it runs on Verizon which is a huge plus! and it has almost everything the other expensive phones have!! I would recommend this phone to others!

    • Justbe78

      and it’s 3G and all the reviews on it so far that Ive seen are great!! Buy it if your not wanting to spend a fortune on a high grade cell.! (=

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