Video: 14 minutes and 45 seconds of pure Galaxy S III verus One X mayhem

Announced back in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HTC’s One X has been out on the market for a little over a month now. Two weeks ago Samsung announced their 2012 flagship in London, the Galaxy S III, and it’ll be on store shelves in 12 days. Which one should you get? That’s an incredibly difficult question to answer since it’s highly subjective. Some might prefer the One X for the design, while others prefer having a removable battery and the microSD slot on the Galaxy S III. Some might actually want to use HTC Sense, while other people see Sense and then run to the nearest bathroom so they can purge themselves. What better way to compare these two magnificent creatures than by putting them head to head in a video that’s nearly 15 minutes long! Here’s what the folks at PhoneArena have made for your enjoyment:

Now we have to remind you, we’re half a year away from the next epic smartphone battle. Apple will likely bring out a new iPhone in October, and more importantly we’re hearing rumors that there might be as many as five Nexus devices being launched by the end of November. That’s a hell of a lot of competition. If you’re currently using a device that’s less than a year old, then it might be better to wait until the holidays to upgrade.

But back to the Galaxy S III versus the One X, the guys at PhoneArena come to the conclusion that Samsung’s superphone is better than HTC’s superphone, and we’re in full agreement, despite the fact that the Galaxy S III was somewhat of a disappointment. That being said, we still have no qualms recommending the six month old Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At $399 unlocked from the Google Play Store, it’s the bargain of 2012 if you ask us.

  • Graham Parkes

    Galaxy S3 all the way, due to HTC’s lack of microSD slot, removable battery and Super AMOLED HD screen. HTC is not even a contender, (for me) due to missing these essential features.

  • Mitchem

    the bad step from samsung is that they have announce the s3 as the official phone for the london olympics….and this year as we have also euro2012 ….so with such a poor cam how will the fans save these precious moment……i will say points for nokia for this year right stuff on the right moment…..too cool 

  • I love the directional keys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated trying to get the cursor positioned just. so. 

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