What’s your favorite phone?

With so many good old and new phones out there, sometimes it’s tough to keep track of what’s popular. That’s why we took to Twitter (@IntoMobile) and asked a simple question: What’s your favorite phone?

The answers were varied, as some took it as their favorite phone of all time (Nokia 3589) and others chose the latest hotness. Check out some of the answers below.

That’s a nice variety of answers and I was impressed with the variety of choices. This is your chance to weigh in, let us know what your favorite phone is in the comments below.

  • I’m using Palm Treo 650 untill now, even when my phone bend with the rubber…coz crack everywhere

  • As much as i Phones are in the market right now, we have to choose some alternative that would cope up to the price of that.

  • Till this time i all ready used so many phones. From that phones personally i like nokia 3110. The look of this phone is not so stylish or not so simple. All the systems like internet,  blue tooth  and some of the other fitures are also come in this phone.

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