Samsung: Galaxy S III not designed by lawyers

To say that people were less-enthused about Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S III is an understatement. Simply put, people expected more. Folks were so disappointed with the new look, that many speculated the phone was designed by lawyers so Samsung can avoid being litigated from infringing Apple’s patents. Well, Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon ended all accusations that the Galaxy S III was designed “by lawyers.”

The Samsung executive said that the redesign is part of the company’s five-year plan rather than a sudden change. Moreover, Dong-hoon went on to say that the flagship went through hundreds of iterations before Sammy’s design team decided to go with the current model being released to the world.

It’s unclear what that five year plan is. What we do know is the Galaxy S III looks nothing like its predecessors, which to many so far is a complete downer. Samsung still has time to win those who remain judgmental on the design, once all the US cell phone carriers release their variants of the device. Who knows, maybe one of the big four will hit the design sweet spot, something Samsung failed to do.

[iNews 24 (Translated); via Engadget]

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