Rumor: The next iPhone has a 3.95 inch screen that pushes 1136 x 640 pixels

October is five months away, which means we’re going to hear rumors about the next iPhone for the next 20+ weeks. Please bear with us. Today there’s a new scrap of information from the folks at 9to5Mac. They have it on good authority that Apple is currently testing two new iPhones, one with model number N41AP (5.1) and the other being N42AP (5.2). They don’t know the differences between these two units, but here are the two things that they have in common: Both have a 3.95 inch display that has a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. And both have a new dock connector that’s said to be smaller than a miniUSB port, but bigger than a microUSB port. That’s it. The 9to5Mac people also say that iOS 6 will take advantage of the taller screen by enabling a fifth row of icons, but that’s pretty much a given.

So what can we assume now that we have this data, which again, is only a rumor at this point. For starters, the next version of iOS isn’t going to be as crazy as we thought it would be. If the iPhone still has a home button and the major new feature of iOS 6 is an extra row of icons, then who really cares? Also, while Samsung and HTC are off making devices with 4.8 and 4.7 inch screens, respectively, Apple is saying no. Apple is saying people think 4 inches is the upper bound of what they’ll accept. We know, Android has much more choice, but let’s ignore that for a moment.

We’ll be able to better paint a picture of what’s going to happen to the sixth generation Jesus Phone once Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off. It’s on June 11th, so that’s less than a month away.

If you see a weirdly shaped misplaced iPhone in a bar, then do please contact us.

  • misternobg

    Why not to make two different sizes? So you can choose between smaller 3.5″ iphone & bigger 4.0″ or why not 4.3 iphone, smaller will be for women & kids because of smaller hands, bigger iphone will be for us with bigger hands. Same thing with 7 inch ipad & 10 inch ipad, the freedom of choice, everybody happy!

  • Lazyfed

    Its one thing to keep ur ecosystem tight, but not limit your product line to just one phone might be asking too much.  Over time, more customers will want > 3.95-4.00 inch displays.  

  • 3.95 or 4.1 inches…doesn’t matter ! All that matters is that this time the next generation iPhone will finally have a bigger display than its predecessors. 

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