Bump app update lets you move photos from phone to computer

Bump, a wildly popular file sharing app for Android and the iPhone, just released an update to its app that will now let users transfer photos from their phones to their computers by just tapping the phone on the space bar.

In order for users to share photos, they have to go to the Bump website on their computer, and then tap the phone on the spacebar key to transfer them. There’s only one caveat, in order for this feature to work you have to enable location sharing on your computer’s web browser — this should’t be a problem for those who aren’t privacy zealots.

Kudos to Bump’s engineers for coming up with such an innovative idea. Although there isn’t much use for bump anymore, it still remains one of the better mobile applications out there. Bump has been undercut by Apple, with its iOS 5 iCloud feature Photo Stream, and Google Android with it’s uploading feature in Google+ that takes all your photos from your phone to Picasa. Both move your pics without any effort.

That being said, Bump still has a place in the disconnected world as a bridge from one platform to another. Truth is, Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems don’t always play nice together, so having Bump to bridge the gap is a huge help. If you already have the Bump app, an update enabling the phone-to-computer transfer will be available for download today. If you don’t have it, head over to the Google Play store or the App Store.

[via abc]

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