Facebook Camera app lands on iPhone

Nearly everyone likes to share photos they’ve shot on phones with Facebook but using the experience has always been a bit clunky – that’s why it spent a billion buying Instagram, which makes sharing super simple. The new app Facebook Camera is meant to sove that problem and let you quickly share photos and view your friends’ snaps.

Launching on iOS first, the Facebook Camera app is a streamlined experience that’s focused on getting and sharing photos. Instead of launching the Facebook app, waiting for it to load, hitting the add photo button, choosing or taking a photo, having it attach and then sharing, you can now just share photos with just a few taps. The layout is also much more conducive for seeing all of your friends’ albums.

What’s interesting is that it’s clear this was in development before the Instagram deal (which still hasn’t closed), so the acquisition makes a bit more sense because it shows that Facebook considers photos a vital part of its mobile strategy moving forward. Go ahead and check out Facebook Camera here and you can just search for it on the App Store under “Facebook Camera.” I would expect this to quickly come to Android, as well.

With the launch of Facebook Camera and Facebook Messenger, you have to wonder if we’ll see the world’s largest social network continue to offer usage-specific apps which tie into the larger social graph.

[Via Facebook]

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