Gameloft launches Men in Black 3 for iOS, Android

Gameloft launches Men in Black 3 for iOS, Android

Gameloft launched the Men in Black 3 game for iOS and Android users. Available as a free download, it sees you building your very own MIB agency while interacting with friends. Some of the things are free to use/build, some can be earned by playing mini-games, while some others are available through in-app purchase. This “freemium” strategy is obviously working for Gameloft since it keeps launching such titles for popular smartphone platforms (iOS and Android).

Needless to say, you should expect to encounter elements from the movies, including the ability to outfit your agents with Bubble Guns, Noisy Crickets, and so on.

There are also turn-based battles included, which will be appreciated by fans of the genre (turn-based gaming). Personally, I would love to see more action on the screen, but hey – that’s just me.

In any case, if you’re a fan of the Men in Black movies (and who isn’t), you can try the game. It’s free after all. 😉

Men in Black 3 (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play link]


  • Tiffany Smith

    The best thing in life is free.. 🙂

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