RIM’s legal chief resigns, layoffs coming soon

According to a Globe and Mail report, RIM’s top lawyer, Ms. Karima Bawa, has resigned from the struggling handset maker. Bawa joined RIM in 2000 and became Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel in 2010. Her resignation follows the departure of Patrick Spence, RIM’s head of global sales, last week.

To make matters even worse, RIM is rumored to start a restructuring program that could trim RIM’s workforce by several thousand jobs. These 2,000 layoffs may be one of several cuts the company makes this year. Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that RIM may reduce its workforce from 16,500 to 10,00 by early next year.

[Via The Globe an Mail]

  • Anonymous

    oH MY! 

  • RIM is still around? Weird. I thought BB’s were obsolete a few years ago. There’s this thing called an iPhone that is really SMART and doesn’t require tiny little fingers to type. Oh, and the screen can be seen in sunlight. Cool eh!

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