UK: Nokia 808 PureView delayed until July?

UK: Nokia 808 PureView delayed until July?

It seems that those of you who wanted to grab the Nokia 808 PureView will have to wait a little longer to get the world’s best camera phone. According to the device’s page at Clove’s website, the PureView is now slated to arrive in “mid-to-late July.” Moreover, that’s also what the same phone retailer told one of its customers who pre-ordered the Nokia 808 PureView.

Steve Litchfield, who follows the Finnish company, said that they haven’t made any retail units yet, and are still tweaking the camera algorithms, video especially.

So the good news is that once the PureView is out, it should work flawlessly; the bad news, however, is that we’ll have to wait for another month and a half to see that happening…

[Via: MyNokiaBlog, UnwiredView]

  • Anonymous

    Nokia havent changed their spots. So sad.

  • Mitchem

    i am sad too…any extra days are months for me….grr

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