• Bart

    Can your iOS device multitask the way Symbian can?  iOS = medicore.

  • Guest

    At no point does ittake a 41 megapixel photo.
    Depending on the aspect ratio, the maximum resolution is either 35 or 38  megapixels.
    In Pureview mode, the gadget quickly takes a *35 or 38 megapixel image* (depending on the aspect ratio that’s used) and outputs it as, for example, a 5 megapixel image.


  • The Truth

    So you obviously haven’t used Symbian Belle FT Pack 1. You probably want to actually use this OS before giving your opinion on it. That way you can avoid looking stupid, although it’s too late for that now. This is what happens when people who ”
    have followed technology news for quite some time” write articles. Keep up the average work. 

  • Carol

    And the creator of this article is as DUMB as he looks like (i apologize for any inconvenience). If i buy this one, i tell you camera is on the second place.  First of all i would buy this phone because is symbian, and i bet you there are allot more of symbian lovers than ios or android. If it was android or windows mobile or ios(s*it) i wouldn’t buy it even if that money to pay for would came for free. But i admit, i would take one for free, so i can make some extra money by selling it, as i did with that crappy iphone4s!

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