41MP camera phone Nokia Pureview 808 available for pre-order on Amazon UK

The Nokia Pureview 808 is an average smartphone with a plethora of ordinary features except for one: it has a 41MP Carl Zeiss lens. Photography enthusiasts can rejoice because it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

Now hold on just a second. Is this thing really capable of snapping photos with a 41 megapixel resolution? If you look closely at Nokia’s advertising, it says that the Pureview 808 has astounding 41MP “image quality.” This means that the photos it does take have quality comparable to a 41MP photo, but in a nutshell, no it does not take 41MP photos.

In certain modes there are options for 35MP and 38MP shots, but the real magic happens in standard Pureview mode. The phone quickly takes a 41MP photo, but then shrinks it down to about 5MP for the final result. In doing so, it’s packing around 7 different pixels into an ultra high-quality pixel free of noise or error. When all these “super” pixels are combined to create the photo, while in reality the size is far less than 41MP, the quality of the photo ends up being phenomenal.

Even though that’s the clear selling point of the Pureview 808, it’s worth mentioning the phone’s specs too. It has a pretty crappy 640×360 4-inch display, runs on the mediocre Symbian OS, holds 16GB of internal storage, and comes in white, red, or black (but Amazon UK only has black available for pre-order.) The bottom line is if you’re going to buy this phone, it’s probably going to be strictly for the awesome Pureview imaging technology.

Pre-orders for the Nokia Pureview 808 are selling on Amazon UK for £499.98, or about $775. The phone will officially be released on June 21, 2012.

[via TechCrunch]

  • Bart

    Can your iOS device multitask the way Symbian can?  iOS = medicore.

  • Guest

    At no point does ittake a 41 megapixel photo.
    Depending on the aspect ratio, the maximum resolution is either 35 or 38  megapixels.
    In Pureview mode, the gadget quickly takes a *35 or 38 megapixel image* (depending on the aspect ratio that’s used) and outputs it as, for example, a 5 megapixel image.


  • The Truth

    So you obviously haven’t used Symbian Belle FT Pack 1. You probably want to actually use this OS before giving your opinion on it. That way you can avoid looking stupid, although it’s too late for that now. This is what happens when people who ”
    have followed technology news for quite some time” write articles. Keep up the average work. 

  • Carol

    And the creator of this article is as DUMB as he looks like (i apologize for any inconvenience). If i buy this one, i tell you camera is on the second place.  First of all i would buy this phone because is symbian, and i bet you there are allot more of symbian lovers than ios or android. If it was android or windows mobile or ios(s*it) i wouldn’t buy it even if that money to pay for would came for free. But i admit, i would take one for free, so i can make some extra money by selling it, as i did with that crappy iphone4s!

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