Google Nexus tablet spotted on benchmark site – Tegra 3 in tow

We’re less than 30 days away until Google I/O 2012, where we can expect the search giant to announce the highly anticipated Nexus tablet. We know it’s real, so we can’t say we’re terribly surprised to see that the tablet made its way to  Rightware’s Power Board benchmark site.

Codenamed Grouper, the device falls in line with fish-named flagship and Nexus devices – (goldfish (emulator), trout (G1), mahimahi (Nexus One), herring (Nexus S), stingray (Xoom), Tuna: Maguro/Toro (Galaxy Nexus). While that alone should signify that this isn’t just another Android tablet, the name of the device on the benchmark site shows Google Asus Nexus 7, so it looks like this is the real deal.

Save for the name itself, the benchmark site basically confirms previous rumors we’ve already heard before. On board is a 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, likely of the Kai variety. It also looks like the 7 inch display will be rocking a resolution of  1280 x 768. In reality, the resolution is likely 1280 x 800 but has the navigation bar taking up the rest of the pixels like we saw with the Galaxy Nexus.

Running on Android 4.1, with a build number of JRN51B, this definitely looks like Jelly Bean, which we’ve just assumed would be Android 5.0. Either way, we’re not far away from finding out the entire scoop when the likes of Vic Gundotra and Andy Rubin take the stage to show us what’s new in the world of Android.

The Google Nexus 7  has a lot going for it. It will likely ship with the latest version of Android, be competitively priced, and pack a powerful punch. These are definitely great things to have in a tablet but we’re wondering how Google is looking to differentiate its own tablet from every other Android tablet out there. Call me crazy, but I’d love to see a slightly curved display on the Nexus tablet – whether it’s functional or not. Then again, given the price and power of the Nexus 7, it may sell itself if Google sells it somewhere else other than its own Play Store.

Will you be grabbing the Nexus tablet when it launches if it hits under $200?

[Via: BGR, Android Police]

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