Renaissance Blood THD now available on Google Play for Tegra 3 devices

Need another game to take advantage of that Transformer Prime or other Tegra 3 device you’re rocking in your pocket or backpack? Well, look no further than Renaissance Blood THD – the newest addition in the TegraZone app store.

Here’s a brief description of the game from

Da Vinci is dead. Now it’s up to you and the heroes of the Renaissance to find the final blue print that he left behind.

Renaissance Blood THD is a shooting game built on the Unreal 3 Mobile Engine and is based on Renaissance period. Developed specifically for the NVIDIA® Tegra 3® chip, this face-paced shooter incorporates complex geometric environments, high-resolution textures, realistic dynamic lighting effects and real-time physics simulations.

After Leonard DaVinci’s death, heroes of Renaissance started to fight a battle for capturing ‘DaVinci machine’ which DaVinci designed. Immerse yourself in a world where science and alchemy set the rules, and battle your way through a slew of mobs with spectacular weapons inspired by Da Vinci’s inventions.

Intrigued already? You should be, as the game is definitely a wild ride. With some great weapons at your disposal, this first person shooter will have you blowing heads off left and right without giving you a chance to rest. As you’d expect, the game has been optimized for the NVIDIA Tegra 3, which brings out some incredible details without lag. Our experience with the game so far has been incredibly smooth, even with all that blood on the screen.

You can grab Renaissance Blood THD right now for $3.99 at the Google Play Store right now! We haven’t even scratched the surface with this game and we can already say that it’s worth the money, so hit up Google Play to grab it for yourself.

Need more? Check out the video below to get another taste of this Renaissance Blood THD!


NCsoft Releases for NVIDIA Tegra 3 Devices


MAY 31, 2012 – NCsoft is excited to announce the release of the publisher’s latest title, Renaissance Blood THD, on the Google Play Store.


Developed by Korean FPS masterminds BRIDEA and published by NCsoft, Renaissance Blood THD is designed specifically for the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 processor and built using Unreal Engine 3. The story takes place in the Renaissance era where science and alchemy set the rules, and players are challenged to find the final blueprint that the great Leonardo da Vinci has left behind. With stunning visuals, pick-up-and-play controls, and immersive gameplay, the action-packed thriller dares to raise the bar for first-person shooter titles on all platforms.


Renaissance Blood THD is available for $3.99 to download worldwide on the TegraZone™ app, NVIDIA’s free app that showcases the best games optimized for the Tegra processor.


“Renaissance Blood THD is only the beginning of a truly amazing experience,” said Hanjin Oh, Director of the Mobile Business Division at NCsoft. “It’s the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and masterful craftsmanship, and we are genuinely proud to finally present this title to gamers everywhere.”


“We’re pleased to have collaborated with BRIDEA and NCsoft, which share our heritage in PC games and commitment to deliver stunning visual experiences,” said Ashutosh Rege, Vice President of Game Content & Technology at NVIDIA. “Our joint work on Renaissance Blood THD has created a game that ends all doubt that the era of console and PC quality gaming on mobile devices is finally here.”


Main Features

l  Designed specifically to take full advantage of devices using NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor with its 4-PLUS-1 quad-core CPU architecture that delivers outstanding performance and amazing battery life, plus a 12-core GPU, to deliver up to 5x the performance of the world’s first dual-core processor, Tegra 2.

l  Intuitive controls for players of all levels

l  Dynamic character lighting and gamma correction for more realistic light calculations

l  Interaction of scene objects using advanced physics simulation


Device Requirements

l  NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered phones and tablets

Pricing and Availability

l  Priced for $ 3.99 (USD) – or equivalent amount in other currencies – and available worldwide exclusively through the Google Play Store for select devices at


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NCsoft is a leading developer and premier publisher of online, casual and mobile games. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, NCsoft is home to numerous industry-leading franchises, including Aion, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and Lineage. NCsoft is also a premier publisher of mobile games for iOS and Android. With offices in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, NCsoft games continue to entertain and delight players around the world.



BRIDEA was founded in 2009 as an independent game development studio. With well experienced experts, the company has been producing high quality PC online gameby Unreal Engine 3, and high-end mobile games for the smart devices to lead the market.

In partnership with Epic Games, NVIDIA, and etc., for the last 10 years, its creative team has developed several FPS games. The mobile FPS titleentered into publishing agreements with one of leading global game publisher NCsoft. The global service will be in full swing from 2012.

For more information about the company, please visit

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