Angry Birds-branded credit cards coming to Russia

Angry Birds-branded credit cards coming to Russia

Thus far we’ve seen a number of different ways to get money out of the Angry Birds franchise. And just when we though we’ve seen it all, the Moscow-based Promsvyazbank announced it launch the world’s first line of Angry Birds-branded bank cards.

According to The Moscow Times, this tie-in is the first official Angry Birds product licensed by Rovio in Russia. And it’s a limited product, with an initial run of 100,000 cards, which will be available on June 4th. More cards will definitely be issued if consumer demand is strong enough.

Promsvyazbank is charging 499 rubles (about $15) annual service fee for the cards, though it hopes to make more money through turnover and frequent payments.

Can’t help but admire Rovio for what they’ve accomplished…


  • In Thailand, there is debit card for Angry Birds pattern also…

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  • Anonymous

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