Overages be gone: Netflix for the iPad lets you limit streaming to WiFi networks

Netflix released an update today for iOS with a new feature in the settings that allows users choose whether they want to stream video content using cellular data or restrict it for only when they are connected to WiFi.

The change is very small, but incredibly useful for those on capped data plans and want to avoid overage charges. Streaming video using a cellular connection can eat up all of your data for a month in a short amount of time. To limit Netflix streaming for usage on WiFi networks only, go to the standard Settings app on your own iOS device, scroll down to Netflix and then turn on the WiFi only switch.

I’m reminded a bit of the new Viewdini service from Verizon Wireless when I may have insinuated that the carrier was launching a streaming video service to get you to bump up your monthly data plans. Netflix is happily taking the opposite approach with the option to only stream over WiFi, a subtle acknowledgment of the high prices we’re all currently paying for smartphone and tablet data.

The WiFi-only streaming setting isn’t the only update in Netflix version 2.2. It additionally delivers a revamped video player with redesigned controls and thumbnail images when scrubbing through the video. The new look is more consistent with the recently modified video player on netflix.com.

The Netflix app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available for free to anyone with a streaming subscription. No word on when these new features will roll out to the Android app.

[via TechCrunch]

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