SolaPad iPad case rocks a built-in solar panel

SolaPad iPad case rocks a built-in solar panel

Good news for the iPad users living in sunny areas like south California, Spain, parts of Italy, Australia… That constant flow of photons around you can be used to charge your beloved tablet. That, of course, if you get the all-new SolaPad iPad case.

The company called SolaWerks is behind this project and at the moment you still can’t get their product. You can, however, sign-up and be informed when it starts selling. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough, you can receive 1 of 10 FREE SolaPad iPad cases on the U.S. release date.

Aside from the big solar panel on the back, the SolaPad also comes with “High Quality Speakers” and will keep your iPad well protected, making sure it keeps working even after accidental drops — the case makes the tablet impact resistant up to 6 feet.

Pretty neat, right? Unfortunately, SolaWerks “forgot” to mention the price and all we can do is hope their goal is not to break anyone’s bank…

  • I think I saw that the solapad will sell for around 80 bucks?  A bit pricey but may be worth it.  It seems nobody has tried it (other than solawerks developers?) and so it is a bit of a gamble.  I think that the potential has been seen in all of the presales, etc.  Let’s just hope it is something practical and useful and not just something that weighs down the I-pad and makes it uncomfortable to hold for any amount of time.

  • Shirley

    I bought a Solapad recently and am expecting delivery by the end of the week.  Production is slow – missed the first batch.  The price is 99.99 + 10.00 shipping.  I hope it is all that I expect, as I also own the stock.

    • LD

      I pre-ordered a Solapad and did not get one in the first batch either. When I placed my pre-order, the price was $89. If you check the website today, the price is $149!! You will also notice on the website that they are taking pre-orders again or you can actually place an order for one…. So which is it? You have them to ship or you don’t? I am also a shareholder – a very disappointed shareholder! I have emailed, called, and posted on FB requesting information and they have not reached out to me yet. Have you heard anything more?

  • Shirley

    P.S.  They also have same technology for the iPhones.

  • Scifilover

    I just got mine in the mail and I like this thing! It doesn tmake the tablet that much heavier, it looks neat, and I’ve been using it since I got it. I made sure it had a full charge first by using the ipad charger which is compatible with the Solapad. But I havent had to charge my iPad for last couple of days. Which is amazing considering my 4 year old playing games on it. I have two of the iphone cases too which is the only reason I bought the ipad one. I use those everyday swapping one out for the other on my cars dash. The price was a bit high, but I think it was worth it. 

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