Canadian court says RIM can use BBM name

RIM was in a bit of trouble for its use of the BBM moniker for its BlackBerry Messenger service. The BBM name is trademarked by a Canadian company, BBM Canada, that measures television and radio audiences, and the company obviously wasn’t too keen on RIM freely using the BBM name as its own. BBM Canada filed suit against RIM seeking to stop RIM’s use of the moniker, though the company had also indicated it would be willing to change its name for the right price. In case you haven’t been following the RIM saga of late, RIM doesn’t exactly have the free cash flow to throw around on product names.

Fortunately, RIM won’t have to shell out any money to BBM Canada, as a Canadian court has ruled that the company did not infringe on the trademark rights of BBM Canada. RIM will continue to use the BBM moniker for their BlackBerry Messenger service. Now, RIM can move on to focusing on bigger things, like figuring out a way out of the red ink it continues to bleed.

[via Reuters]

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