Siri rumored to land on the iPad with iOS 6

After long speculation, it appears the magical voice inside your iPhone 4S, Siri, will expand her services onto the iPad, according to a report.

9to5Mac managed to get some more Apple scoop, this time about Siri. They can allegedly confirm from “trusted sources” that it will finally get iPad support and in fact, that’s expected to be one of Apple’s signature features unveiled in iOS 6 at WWDC.

Siri originally launched on the iPhone 4S last October and many people questioned why a feature of its magnitude didn’t come packaged in iOS 5 for other devices like the iPad 2 or iPhone 4. Then in March when Apple announced the third-generation iPad without Siri (just standard voice dictation support in its place) the speculation was fueled even more. People just started assuming it was a scaling issue and rightfully so because all the connections to Siri are handled on Apple’s backend.

When it comes to the iPad, it probably won’t be a full screen app like it is on the iPhone because there’s it’s not necessary to take up 9.7 inches of screen real estate for it. Instead, 9to5Mac mocked up the image above depicting how Siri might look on an iPad according to what they’ve been told.

It’s not clear yet which models of the iPad Siri will be available on. Even though the iPad 2 runs on the same A5 chip as the iPhone 4S, Apple making Siri exclusive to the third-gen iPad is the more likely scenario. We’ll find out more at Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote a week from today.

[via 9to5Mac]

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