LiquidMetal CEO confirms Apple is commercializing the metallic alloy

In a video recorded at  Alan Stone’s Southern California Investment Forum, Liquidmetal CEO talks his company and the future of the technology. Of interest to Apple fans is the quick blurb he includes about Apple. Steipp says,

Our technology has been commercialized in a number of accounts, most recently by Apple computer, which took a license on the product in August of 2010. Apple along with us are commercializing Liquidmetal in the consumer electronic space.

Apple supposedly used the technology in the SIM ejector tool that shipped with the iPhone 3G. If Apple is still committed to using the alloys as Steipp suggests, then perhaps we will see more of it in upcoming products. Often called a metallic glass, Liquidmetal is the first commercially available amorphous metal alloys with process technologies similar to plastics. They have the strength of metal, offer corrosion resistance and anti-wearing properties, but still have the ability to be heat-formed into different shapes.

[Via iDownloadBlog]

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