AGA and iTotal Control lets you control your stove with your phone, tablet


At the rate technology is going, we knew at some point we’d be able to do cool things like control our home appliances through our mobile devices. Well, there’s a new stove that actually allows you to control it by way of the Internet. A United Kingdom based Appliance Company by the name of AGA, created software called iTotal Control, which allows you to control the stove from your PC or via text message.

Wait, there’s more. The company also developed a smartphone app for both the iPhone and Android handsets giving you access to the stove. This stove is straight up high tech; the damn thing even requires a SIM card and a GSM aerial antenna that will be connected to the stove by a cable. Futuristic stuff here, right?

Unfortunately, a piece of the future doesn’t come cheap. The price of the stove costs $15,589, plus $9 per month for the SIM card rental. Damn! With that kind of money you can buy a brand new car or put a down payment on a home. You can see the iTotal Control in action in the video below.

[dvice; via Springwise]


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