Sprint confirms the iPhone will land on Virgin Mobile June 29th

Virgin Mobile USA is back online!

We knew it was in the works, but today Sprint has officially confirmed that the iPhone 4 and 4S will indeed be landing on Virgin Mobile on June 29th, making Virgin Mobile the second prepaid carrier to offer the iPhone. Cricket Wireless, a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, announced earlier this month that they would carry the iPhone starting June 22nd.

According to CNET, Virgin Mobile’s iPhone offerings will come with a steep price tag, with the 8GB iPhone 4 retailing for $549, and the 16GB iPhone 4S going for $649. These prices match the full-retail pricing of these devices from the Apple Store, but are $150 more than the same devices on Cricket Wireless. If these prices are accurate, it either means that Cricket Wireless was somehow able to negotiate a lower purchase price from Apple, or they chose to offer a subsidy in order to attract prepaid customers toward their network.

Should you choose Virgin Mobile’s iPhone for your smartphone needs, you’ll be able to select a $30 plan with 300 voice minutes, a $40 plan with 1,200 voice minutes, or a $50 unlimited plan. Each plan comes with unlimited texts and data, though your data speeds will be throttled if you exceed 2.5 GB of data usage. For an extra $15 per month, you can use your iPhone as a portable hotspot with 3.5 GB of unthrottled data.

[via CNET]

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