Samsung Galaxy Note getting Ice Cream Sandwich update across the UK

Samsung Galaxy Note getting Ice Cream Sandwich update across the UK

Good news for the UK-based Galaxy Note owners, with Samsung pushing out the Ice Cream Sandwich update as we speak. The rather big 349MB download not only makes your phablet run the latest version of Android, but also brings a number of enhancements and exclusive apps only users with devices as large as the Note can truly appreciate.

Still don’t see it? Don’t worry, this sort of updates are usually rolled out in stages and soon enough you’ll get your serving of everyone’s favorite candy (at least for the time being).

Now as far as we’ve understood, the initial batch is going to the unlocked device owners with those having a carrier-branded models getting it soon afterwards… actually as soon as each carrier says that the new software is safe for the general public use. Hopefully that will happen soon rather than later, though you can never tell…

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Pmitchell

    Beware – the ICS update will cause the loss of Bluetooth to many folks who link to their motor vehicle.  Bluetooth devices appear ok but not motor vehicles

    • Pmitchell

      Here is the techy response from Sumsung  ”
      Thank you for contacting Samsung.

      In regards to your query, the issue is usually due to how the Android OS
      communicates with Bluetooth. Android software is Open Source, but
      Bluetooth profiles are not, which means the Android OS doesn’t use the
      same profiles that are required for a lot of cars.
      The most common Bluetooth profile that car manufacturers use is called
      ‘rSAP’, but unfortunately Android does not support this profile at this
      time. This means that car communication may be hard to achieve since
      this profile is designed to allow full control of the phone through
      another Bluetooth device.

  • Asmgx

    thanks mate.. at least i know how i would be informed once ics is released in my country

  • Soens wim

    Any idea when belgium will be getting the ics update?

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