As expected, Apple demos totally revamped Maps app in iOS 6

Apple unveiled a brand new Maps app at WWDC 2012 that ditches Google Maps once and for all. It includes everything users have been asking for and more.

The new Maps app features complete turn-by-turn navigation (yes, get out all the laughter, Android users) plus the long-rumored 3D mode Apple is nicknaming “Flyover.” The 3D models you get to see are absolutely gorgeous as if you were legitimately flying over the location. It’s great on iPhone, but looks spectacular on the iPad.

The turn-by-turn navigation is feature-packed as well. You can use Siri to control maps or use other functions like asking for an ETA. The map and directions are also visible from the lock screen when traveling. Traffic reports are anonymous, real-time, and crowd-sourced. Plus, you can explore individual places on the maps in great detail thanks to Yelp integration.

The Maps app will come as part of iOS 6 when it ships this fall.

[via The Verge]

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